Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Massive Hypocrisy Part 3

Massive Hypocrisy Part 3
Al Ritter

President Obama’s newest war cry is, “everyone must pay their fair share, and everyone must play by the same rules from Wall Street to Main Street.”

As we delve further into his words they become sadly laughable to say the least. It appears that his Whitehouse staff of 36 not only hasn’t paid their fair share, they haven’t paid anything lately. As a group they owe $833,970 in back taxes, even though most make over $100,000 yearly.

Unfortunately the Whitehouse staff isn’t alone in their wayward tax ways. The Senate as a group owes $2.1 million, the House of Representatives as a group owes $8.5 million. Department of Education owes $4.3 million, Department of Homeland Security owes $37 million!

It doesn’t end here, the Treasury Department headed by tax cheat Timothy (turbo tax) Geithner owes $9.3 million, Postal Service owes $270 million, Department of Veteran Affairs owes $151 million. Department of Energy owes $5 million, Department of Justice (including Eric Holder) owes $17 million.

Here is the real laugh, according to federal law only one branch of government employee can be fired for not paying taxes and that is the IRS! My question is……how come these employees aren’t having their salaries attached for back taxes? You or I would have to have ours attached.

Obviously President Obama doesn’t mean his war cry on the wealthy, because if he did he would write a Presidential Executive order enforcing equal treatment of ALL taxpayers, but don’t hold your breath because that’s never going to happen!


barb p said...

My God this man makes me want to be 'evil'....

cary in catonsville said...

I see this on a daily basis from this imposter-in-chief, why can't liberals?