Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear Patriots, I'm Offended

Dear Patriots, I'm Offended
William G. Burmer

      Recently I was made aware via Fox News that one of our best military officers a Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley was excoriated by his commander for teaching a course on Islamic Radicalism.  A teacher at the Joint Forces Staff College of the National Defense University his course was categorized as offensive to Muslims.  

     Colonel Dooley represents only one of a number of our military personnel who are being called on the carpet for doing their sworn duty to prepare, and teach others, Line and none Line officers alike on how to recognize potential enemies of our Nation. Quite frankly I offended by this constant whining from the Muslim left.

      I am personally offended that our commanders in the military have been so spooked by Obama they would rather sell their souls to the devil than stand up for Americas traditions and Christian values.   I am offended that many if not all our Military leaders have seemingly turned their backs on their oaths of office, that they have no regard for God or country, nor the pride their uniform has traditionally represented in defense of America and the Revolution which created her. I am offended that these military leaders collectively cannot find the integrity to tell Obama to back off and let them do their Job.  I am offended that Obama in truth hates our military and does not deserve the title of Commander in Chief nor any Line officers respect.  I am offended by a blind allegiance by our officers to one who has proven unworthy of such notoriety.  

     I am offended that I fought communism in Vietnam and I have to face the same threats in America today that we fought so hard to eradicate in Vietnam.  I am offended that any Muslim born here, moved here, legally or illegally would join our military and complain about the realities surrounding their own culture. I am offended that they did not learn to be an American first and a Muslim second, for which reason they ostensibly came to America to escape tyranny and oppression.

     I am offended that regardless of country or class we have immigrants that hate America and its own unique history and Christian culture.   I am offended that they feel no sense of obligation to learn English and assimilate. I am offended by millions who come to America just to suck off the Federal, and state welfare system. I am offended that California welfare recipients are provided, or are entitled to applications in 18 different languages.   I am offended that all these people just don't go back to where they slithered in from and leave my great country alone. 

     I am offended by an immigration system that does not exist.  I am offended by a fellow Vietnam vet who suffered torture by the Communist Vietnamese, namely Senator John McCain from Arizona and has seemingly sold his soul for power, position and prestige over his oath of office as a Senator and former soldier.  I am offended by Dianne Feinstein for being my Representative here in California, and her blind support of another Muslim and communist in the White House, I am offended by the slime that keep electing her to office. 

      I am offended by the fact that there are not more than a hand full of Senators and Congressmen   who will not dismantle the IRS after being brutally snubbed by several of its organization heads. The IRS has way too much power and no oversight. They are totally out of control.   I am offended by all the scandals attached  to the Commander in Chief, and lastly as a former solder, I am offended that the Congress as a whole cannot find it in themselves to recognize Obama should be impeached, Richard Nixon was for less, much less.  But then---I am offended by political correctness.


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Kevin Bryant said...

I AGREE. What I find most offensive though is the 51% of Americans who voted this administration into power and defend them at every turn. I am offended by the same people who while Bush was in office demanded everything be questioned but refuse to question one single action taken by the Obama administration. Sadly, I am also offended by myself because I love this country without question yet I have lost my love for many of her citizens.

barb p said...

I understand how offensive our countries actions are to a true patriotic person. Very
sad, and hard to realize we have allowed this to happen...

John said...

Re: " . . . I am offended that these military leaders collectively cannot find the integrity to tell Obama to back off and let them do their Job..."

My answer to that is: "Obama is the Commander In Chief over the Military and to tell the Commander In Chief to "back off" would be insubordination punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.