Friday, December 27, 2013

Closing The Books On 2013

Closing The Books On 2013
Kevin Bryant

WOW, what a year 2013 was. Thanks to Eric Snowden, we have discovered just how much our government has been spying on its citizens and to what extent they have been spying on our allies. We have discovered just how politically left Pope Francis is. We have the seen the beginning implementations of Obamacare and gotten a glimpse into just how messed up the law really is. We have witnessed a steady stream of lies committed by President Obama and his administration to congress and the people of this great nation. We have witnessed the greatest demoralization of our military by a single Commander –in- Chief than the first 43 CiC’s combined, and I thought Clinton was bad when I served.  

Yes, 2013 will go into the record books as another failed year for our government and our nation despite all the great things we have witnessed over the past year by the average citizens of this country. The war between the private sector and the government resembles a country line dance only the line (private sector America), after taking two steps forward, they are forced to take three steps back and they are about out of dance floor. I just hope the private sector doesn’t run out of dance floor before January 23, 2017.  

We have seen record numbers of illegals coming into the country despite the DHS’s attempt to minimize the real number. We have also seen record numbers of Americans packing up and moving out of this country because America is no longer the world leader for freedoms and liberty. If it were a viable option, I would have joined them. Yes, 2013 was my breaking point in having faith in America and our way of life. BUT………. 

November and December 2013 has been a little different in the way I view America and her future. Sure, we still have more government corruption now than during the Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon era. We still have a nation divided along every line imaginable thanks to our Divider-in-Chief, but these past few weeks mainstream America has pushed back. In record numbers, younger Americans have come to the realization that we cannot continue to borrow and spend. We cannot allow our government to dictate how we think. We cannot allow our government to attempt to rewrite the constitution by enacting laws and executive orders contrary to our own beliefs and our the wellbeing of our nation.  

Younger America is starting to get it. Younger America feels the pain of 16% REAL unemployment. They feel the crunch of 12% REAL inflation. They understand now what the future holds for them if we continue to add trillions every year to the national debt. They have come to the realization that the politicians of the past 4 generations have really screwed them financially which in turn screws America financially and it is Younger America wanting to discuss REAL solutions to our national problems. 

In 2014 and 2016 there are no charismatic and electrifying politicians like Obama and Bill Clinton to draw the “Uninformed Voter” to the polls. Oh, I know we will have massive voter fraud favoring democrats in both elections but I for one an optimistic about all the illegal votes being cast being not being enough to get past the hurdle of the “had enough” Younger America vote. Will 2014 bring forth a shift of power in Washington DC, no. The GOP/TEA PARTY will likely only pick up 3 seats in the senate but it will serve as notice to those who have supported the president at all cost whose seats are up in 2016. I am optimistic that Obama will become the very definition of a “lame duck” president in his last 2 years.  

The past few months we have also witnessed a shift in the judicial rulings. A once cocky and confident Obama administration has been met with a growing number of judicial rulings against this administration as well as some against the actions of the president himself. These have not been just Bush 41 & 43 appointed judges, but more of the Clinton appointed judges are starting to make rulings based more on the law and less on personal political opinion.  

Overall, 2013 was a bust, just as 2012 & 2011. We still have the McCain RINO faction in the senate and the Boehner RINO faction in the house but I believe we will see their power diminish in 2014 as Younger America gets involved and work to elect real congressional conservatives to office.


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