Friday, December 6, 2013

Foolishness of the War in Afghanistan

Foolishness of the War in Afghanistan
Al Ritter 

It seems funny and ironic all at once that we are fighting the longest war in US History, and yet nobody seems to be up in arms about the cost in dollars or human life anymore. Being in a foreign land fighting Islamic fundamentalists seems to be ok now that there is a Democratic President and Senate.

In 1980 things were very different; we had just elected Ronald Reagan to replace a kowtowing Jimmy Carter. Carter was certainly no stranger to Islamic regimes he was held victim to Iran for over 300 days of hostage taking by the religious regime of Iran. It was only through fear and respect for Ronald Reagan that those hostages were released the very day of his inauguration. 

Although Reagan was in favor of a stronger military and knew of the dangers of increasing radicalization by Muslim countries, he also knew of the dangers of communism. He saw the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 by the USSR. He was against such strong arm tactics and as a result USA boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics because of this invasion. The Reagan Administration quietly commented about the USSR’s invasion as being their version of Vietnam. 

Eventually unable to acquire a clear set victory because of guerilla warfare tactics the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989 ending their 10 war with no clear victor. 

The attack of 9/11 has plunged us into the same quagmire as Vietnam. The time line of American involvement in Vietnam started in the early 1960’s with Americans in strict “advisory roles.” 1965 the first Marines were sent to Nam and in 1973 the cease fire was signed. 8 years was our total involvement start to finish. It seems history taught us nothing.
We have now been in Afghanistan two more years than the USSR was there, and 4 more years than we were in Vietnam, and still there is no end in sight. 

Where are all the hippies of the 70’s that waged the protests against war? Where are all the democrats that claimed a no war stance as their moral high ground? Where are all the hateful groups that held our military in disgrace over what they referred to as an immoral war and labeled then as “baby killers” and “murderers”? 

I have your answer America; we have promoted those traitors to high cabinet positions, and other appointments that direct drone attacks from the sky at the push of a button.


republican patriot said...

More proof we need to get out of Afghanistan!

barb p said...

So well said always... We should be so ashamed of what we

have allowed our government to do in "our" name. The Democrats are

like very spoiled children, as long as the 'game' is played only

by their rules, we will keep playing regardless of the outcome. I

so wish we had a government made up of men like you Al...

I pray your life is where you want it to be right now, and that you
are headed in the direction of your choice.

Know how important you are and take care...

Kevin Bryant said...

You do not and can not win a war when your primary focus is winning the hearts and minds of the people you are fighting. The best you can hope for is plant a seed in some of the population and hope it grows with each following generation.

Since Obama took office, he has relieved almost every commander with actual combat experience in leadership roles and understands tactics and capabilities necessary to win in combat. Truman and Eisenhower understood these types of leaders were necessary and their commanders understood they were fighting to keep the status quo, 2 Korean nations, not a united one under communist rule. Obama doesn't know tactics, doesn't know capabilities, doesn't understand what our military needs to remain combat ready and doesn't know how to let good commanders be commanders. He keeps the military like he keeps his cabinet... full of those who refuse or lack the courage to challenge him when they know he is wrong.

bud s said...