Thursday, December 5, 2013

Millennials Would Vote Today To "Recall Obama"

Millennials Would Vote Today To “Recall Obama”
Al Ritter 

Not that Harvard students represent the overall mindset of America’s youth, but a recent poll shows the 18-24 year voters in Harvard University shows their disenchantment with their “Commander-in chief.”  

Sixty one percent of the students don’t approve of how Obama is handling the whole healthcare issue. Similarly Congress didn’t fare much better, the students voted 51% to have all Congressional members removed from office! 

Support of one of the main groups (18-24) that got Obama elected has slipped 11% in just one year. The older groups are still following Obama but even their support of the President is waning. 

The 18-24 group is also not very happy with Obama in general as disapprove of his handling on the economy, Syria, Iran, and the Federal Budget. 

Of course I find it funny that these students would support a “recall” vote on Obama’s presidency and a removal of the entire Congress even though no such thing exists under current law. Hopefully the question was prefaced by “if legally possible” would you vote to……..

Obviously their displeasure has taken root and even the number of registered democrats in that 18-24 group is falling, not expressly to the Republican Party but listed as Independents. 

This isn’t particularly ground shaking news but it does represent a trend.


pamela m said...

Hopefully a better trend!

barb p said...

This is a trend I would like to see continue until 'we' can take
our country back. It is just so sad it has taken this long...

bud s said...