Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama's War on the Elderly

Obama's War on the Elderly
Al Ritter

We are beginning to see what happens when President Obama removes $700 Billion from the Medicare Budget as shown in the NBC investigative video How a hospital "codes" you will depend on how or even if Medicare pays your hospital stay.

The recent defunding of $700 billion dollars destined to be used for Medicare but moved to the implimentation of Obamacare is definately having an disturbing effect on seniors. The worst part in all this is that these seniors actually believe they have insurance but once coded as "just for observation" and they are classified as "outpatients," their benefits are drastically reduced.

This seems to me to be a case of fraud, plain and simple! We are now seeing the results of this President's "fix" for medical care. Is this Affordable?.........NO! this care?...NO! this nothing more than control over our healthcare, and our lives!

The Democrats constantly talk about the Republican's "War on Women"......and yet they deflect the real war here....their "War on the Elderly!"


amazingredhead said...

You can bet if a senator or a representative is hospitalized for even one night they are considered inpatients and their insurance (paid for by the taxpayers) covers the bill! Yet the weakest of our society, the elderly are preyed upon by the very government their tax dollars have funded all their lives! There is no level too low or too disgusting the Obama administration will not stoop to! What's next Fuhrer Obama, are you constructing the gas chambers as we speak?

barb p said...

This is more than scary. I just read something about this...I really hoped it wasn't true. Wow is literally constant (downhill)!!!

Kevin Bryant said...

Seems to me that you only got half the story here. Getting the medicare elderly to pay more for health care has many parts, some which are: ONE, there are not enough people paying into the system to even come close to making up the $700 billion difference, TWO: Getting the elderly to pay more for healthcare will increase the number of elderly on other government welfare programs to bolster the liberal's A) Call for a single payer health care system as well as B) Further the call for redistribution of wealth.

bud s said...


republican patriot said...

While there are many causes for this, there is one remaining factor here. These "observation" codes have increased quite substantially under the Obama Administration......and to do so shows a concerted effort to push more of the monitary burden directly on the backs of senoirs

barb g said...

So true Al !!