Friday, February 14, 2014

Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery
Kevin Bryant 

Choose a door or window in your home or office and look out. Do you see any people? Do you see any houses? Do you see any businesses? Every person you see, every person that is in the houses you see and the businesses you see are modern day slaves.  

According to the Collins dictionary, slavery is defined as: The state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune. 
What person or entity believes he or they have total control and absolute power over our lives, our liberties and our property? I know, it was an easy question and you are right. The President, the Government at all levels, our police forces and even our unions. They all believe they are the ones in charge and we must trudge along behind them and bow to their every wish, command and whimper.  

The current President and many of his predecessors during our lifetime have written laws and single handedly changed laws with a stroke of a pen. Our senators and representatives constantly pass laws without thought of what the average American thinks. Our local governments, like our federal government spend money hand over fist on themselves and then wonder why they are broke and the people are outraged because city services are reduced, repairs to infrastructure is slow at best and far behind what is needed to be done and yet, just like the federal government, the only answer they have is more taxes and higher fees. Our police force is not off the hook here. How many times is a person charged with obstruction of justice just by recording the police while standing in their own yard? Isn’t that private property? They don’t care. How many times have you heard of police searching a house, finding nothing and when they leave, the house is a mess and $1000’s in damages have occurred? The victim sues, but rarely do they win their case and receive compensation for the damage. Do they have the right to infringe on our liberties? They believe they do because they believe they have the authority granted to them simply by the badge they wear. Then we have the unions. Union leaders make nice salaries. We pay for their houses, their kid’s education, and those nice vehicles they drive. What do we get in return? Usually it amounts to nothing more than a couple of more days off than the non union counterparts. Anyone that believes a union worker makes more than a non union counterpart is fooling themselves. As union salaries go up, union dues go up. Then of course the union takes your money, your property that you worked for, and spends it on politicians, lavish events, retreats that are no more than lavish vacations and anything else they desire. Yet you still have to cough up the dough because they own you. 

Our government spies on us. Our government tells us what and how much we owe it. Our government tells us what we can do and when we can do it. Our government takes our property if we refuse to pay taxes. They tax us if we do not have health insurance. For the first time in history, we Americans are taxed for something we do not have.  

Systematically, Americans have elected those that crave power and yielded their rights and freedoms to the elected. If the liberties lost over the course of the last 50, 100 or so years had hit all of us suddenly, there would be another civil war in the U.S. but no, it has all been gradual. A little freedom here, a little there, and all in the name of security and charity. All we have secured for ourselves is more chains of bondage thrown upon us by our own government in the form of laws, regulations, taxes and fees. 

We have all but completely lost our country, our freedom and our way of life and there is no better example of this than in our religious beliefs. In many places it’s now ILLEGAL to pray in public. It’s ILLEGAL to pray in school. It’s ILLEGAL to display any religious symbol or belief on most “public” property. Public property, now there is a joke. The ACLU has successfully removed Christianity from almost every sector of our lives and confined it to our home and our churches. Of course that is ONLY if you are a Christian. Muslims have free range to do as they please.  

Go back to the top and read the definition of slavery again. Then look in the mirror and ask yourself; Am I A Modern Day Slave? I did and I answered YES.


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barb p said...

Kevin, I so wish I could say "you exaggerate", but I would be so wrong. I

KNOW without a doubt I am enslaved. When I think how hard I worked for 55 years

to be able to enjoy my refinement years comfortably...and most other people I slavery status smacks me daily!