Friday, February 28, 2014

Selective Forced Tolerance

Selective Forced Tolerance
Kevin Bryant
Should there be a law forcing a Muslim caterer to serve pork at a Christian wedding reception? Should there be a law forcing a black baker to make a cake with “White Supremacy” written on it for a KKK celebration? Should there be a law forcing Catholic nurses to “volunteer” 10 hours a week of their time to work in an abortion clinic? Should there be a law forcing a gay musician to play at a Westboro Baptist Church tent revival? Of course everyone reading this said “NO” to each of the 4 questions I posed to you. Our constitution gives us the freedom to object and reject these ridiculous demands. Or does it? 

Christian bakers have been forced “by law” to bake cakes for gay weddings. Christian photographers have been forced “by law” to take photos at gay weddings. In both cases the baker and the photographer was a small private business owner who believes on religious grounds that marriage is between a man and a woman.  

There are literally hundreds of bakers and photographers who believe that gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry, so why should the ones who don’t be forced to go against their beliefs and participate in something that many others will do? Truth is, they should not be forced and the first amendment to the constitution guarantees their rights to refuse.   

The left wants us to believe that anything and everything traditional Christians believe in is bigotry and racist. But in the left’s world, a Muslim cleric can reject performing a Jewish wedding and that is OK. What is it about our legal system that allows for selective targeting of Christians and Christian beliefs but upholds the beliefs of almost every other religious and atheist sector of America?  

Our courts today have made a mockery of the constitution. Our legislatures have been beating the constitution to death and the courts upheld many of their freedom robbing laws. Our city and state officials feast on our property taxes yet if they can get more tax revenue if there was a strip mall where your house is located, the courts have given them the right to take it over our objections.  

The states of Arizona and Kansas are currently under fire from every left leaning organization in America because they have proposed Freedom of Religion legislation that would block these absurdities that the courts are forcing on people to go against their religous beliefs. So what does the mainstream media do, they do not call them Freedom of Religion Acts. NO, they call them Anti-Gay legislation.  

Why does the left make everything “Anti”? Anti Gay, Anti-Black, Anti-Women, Anti-Tolerant, Anti-Gay, Anti-Everything if it is something that goes against the agenda of the left? How is it the left claims to be “all inclusive” if they discriminate against everything and everyone that disagrees with their agenda? Have you ever heard of the left complaining about the Black Panthers? Never, but you sure hear about them complaining about the KKK. What is the difference between the two except skin color? Ever hear about the left complaining that George Soros gives too much money to the Democratic Party? Nope, but you sure hear about the Koch brothers and all the money they donate to conservatives, and for the record it’s a lot less than what George Soros gives.  

My tolerance for the intolerant left is gone and I will be damned if some court is going to force me to tolerate the bigotry and racist beliefs and actions of the left.  

(Inspiration and opening questions for this blog was fashioned from listening to KCMO Morning Show Host w/host Greg Knapp)


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