Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Kevin Bryant 

OOPS moments: You know those times you stick your foot in your mouth by saying things that come out different that your intended comment. I have had many of them. OOPS moments can also be when you state something as fact only to find out later it isn’t. I’m guilty again of doing that. No matter that the OOPS moment is, I do go back and correct myself and acknowledge I said something that was incorrect. 

No one I personally know has ever purposely had an OOPS moment. So why is it that liberal commentators and liberal politicians purposely state things that are cruel, degrading and knowingly untrue about others that don’t see eye to eye with them politically? There is a long list of them, Keith Obermann, Melissa Perry-Harris, Chris Mathews, Ed Schultz, Anthony Weiner, Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi…… this list could go on for forever it seems. 

Do people like these know what they are saying… YES they do. They do it maliciously, they do it for ratings. They do it because the far left they represent want to hear this type of garbage they spit out. They do it because they know it’s going to be believed my many even though they are eventually forced to apologize and retract the statement.  

Even Tina Fey’s SNL portrayal of Sarah Palin and the comment “I can see Russia from my house” line, many on the left believe Sarah Palin actually said it. 

Why can’t the left just tell the truth? Why do they have to attack everyone who disagrees with them? Why do they fall back on personal attacks when those conservatives they are speaking with start talking factual? Why do they constantly play the race card & the gender card? Are these people so narcissistic they actually can’t admit when they are wrong? We have all come to know that our President is a narcissist and will never back down and the left will never say he is wrong about anything. 

Americans are tired of the juvenile mentality of the left. MSNBC’s rating are so low they would not even be on the air if it weren’t  for Comcast absorbing the cost overruns as did the previous owner General Electric. The left needs a media voice and NBC / Comcast is more than willing to give it to them at any cost. NBC used to stand for National Broadcast Company, now it stands for Nothing But Communist. Comcast makes it money from capitalism yet promotes tighter government regulations on every other media outlet to make them more like NBC.  

Americans, above all else want the truth. We want the truth from our government because Americans know they are not getting it. I have more fingers and toes attached to my person than congress has politicians who speak the truth. It used to be if a politician got so much as a DUI they were voted out of office because they did not hold up to their oath to the America people and represent us with honor. Now we have politicians who lie to, cheat and steal from the very people who put them in office and what do they do, they make laws regulating and restraining the people while exempting themselves from the very laws forced upon. AND WE KEEP ELECTING THESE PEOPLE.  

The VERY LAST person I want representing me in congress is a liberal lawyer. Give me a farmer, a small business owner, a rancher, a doctor. Give me people who are educated not in the law but in the people and what is needed for those like them to make it in life. Give me someone who believes laws should be no longer than 2 pages long and written in plain English, not lawyer jibberish. Give me someone who believes people come before the government, not slaves to the government. And above all, give me one that is not afraid to speak the truth. If a politician won’t tell you the truth, he or she knows they are lying and screwing the very people who they were elected to represent and when they lie and screw the people, the people need to screw them by voting them OUT of office.      


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Voting these people out seems to be our only chance...and this actually doesn't seem likely! I don't think the average person has any idea what is REALLY going on in our country...so why bother to change it? I am so glad I am not young anymore!!