Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William Burmer
We live in a peculiar time in history. My wife and I were discussing this subject when we turned to the Bible for some clarification. Found in Isaiah 5:20 our time was prophesied where some would "call evil good, and good evil." Listening to President Obama and his followers brings this prophesy fulfilled in truth and reality.
For the modern Liberal who shuns scripture and God, good and evil are considered value judgments, defined by the individual, in a place where there is no recognized moral standard to judge its' value. This might be a Modern sign of progress, replacing God Laws with moral relativism, over moral self discipline, but fully embraced will eventually leave a person unable to recognize real evil.
While this philosophy in modern society might elevate a person's rights, it avoids any discussion with regards to personal responsibility, or for that of others with whom he or she may have contact. It is a selfish philosophy, destructive not only to the individual so engaged but, most especially the family who is forced to live with it in the home.
Truth is not relative, never has been, never will be, It stands alone and is unchanging, it is the way things really are. Obtaining such knowledge of this definition requires humility, pondering, seeking answers beyond ones' self. Thus the individual soul becomes elevated and accumulates a potential to grow in greater knowledge and understanding.
In contrast personalities such as President Barak H. Obama, who are narcissist, selfish, and egotistical, become lost souls, unwilling to listen, to reason and genuinely react with others, to change or be changed. Their words may be flattering to others, even embraced with enthusiasm by many, however being void of real principle, honesty, lacking integrity, charity, or virtue. In the end their work, and words remain hollow, lacking any lasting intrinsic value they remain a destructive force only.
If we as a society are to avoid the traps of living for the moment, believing a lie, without regards to the future, we must not allow ourselves to be so deceived, but must be willing to, without regards to our circumstances, lay everything we have on the alter to follow true principles, let your conscience be your guide, be willing to choose the right when it is before you regardless of those who point a mocking finger.
Set a standard you are willing to follow and guide you in every aspect of your life, your home, profession, and community. Never make exceptions to these standards, be loyal to your family and loved ones and above all, to your God.
Live so you can feel the Spirit of Christ in your life, serve others, share your knowledge and smile at your mistakes, have a good sense of humor and above all don't complain, It is a fact that life is not fair but a fair amount of enthusiasm can bring about unexpected opportunities for real growth and achievement.
Truth, Good, Evil, these are realities in life of which we must learn to understand, deal with, and live with, not be overwhelmed by. As a Child of God, which you are, He knows you have potentials for goodness, even greatness. These potentials perhaps yet to be discovered are needed more than ever, you can make a difference with Gods' help. America needs Men and Women with Integrity, and faith. Our challenge is to be that person. May God bless you to this end.


barb p said...

He is certainly on the right track. Too many people in our country have

turned their backs on God...we are really in trouble...

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