Friday, November 21, 2014

The War on Americans

The War on Americans
Al Ritter 

We all know about the fabrication Democrats used the last two years claiming that Republicans had a “War on Women.” Those claims proved laughable as the Whitehouse had shown the largest disparity in pay between men and women doing the same jobs for the last five Presidents. Democrats used the same talking points over and over again word for word as if rehearsed as a group before a murder trial for their lives. 

We are now hearing the same talking points to somehow rationalize the lawless and Constitutionally reprehensible action by our President of giving some 13 million illegal aliens the possible pathway to citizenship. In recent polls the citizens of this great country feel that the number one issue in America is jobs, and yet now Obama thinks he has the right to dilute an already struggling pool of American citizen workers, and allow non-citizens to compete for those very same jobs. 

We are aware as citizens that the official unemployment figure is actually half the reported figure with some estimates going even higher. Citizens who once had high paying jobs are being forced out of the work place by younger workers willing to take less pay for the same job. America’s aging work force is being thrown to the street from no fault of their own. The Democratic agenda seems bent on continuing this trend and actually expanding the workforce through executive action. 

Democrats who are mouthing the rehearsed words right now about there being precedence for this executive action by past Presidents is yet another blatant lie. Every past President that took executive action on illegal immigration from Eisenhower to George Bush, did so AFTER laws were enacted by Congress and those Presidents did so to bolster the original actions by Congress, and not to circumvent Congress’s will. Nancy Pelosi actually had the gall to call Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation an Executive Action. Actually the Emancipation Proclamation is just that…… a Presidential Proclamation. There are major differences in Presidential “Actions” and “Proclamations,” neither of which the Minority Leader seems to know. 

Make no mistake people, this arrogant step by the President is yet one more down the road to Obama’s “War on American Citizens.” Not only the citizens born here, but the ones who struggled and toiled to become citizens legally are being slapped in the face by this administration, and it needs to stop! Hopefully this will be the line in the sand that the Republican majority will not cross, but who knows, they haven’t been very steadfast to principles so far and that is exactly what Obama is counting on!


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steve m said...

I say Al for the new minority leader, hell Al, take Harry's position also!!! We need a few "every day people" to run
this Country. It might already be a little too late.

barb p said...

Sometimes I wonder if he is challenging us to stand against him so he can bring in his own 'militia'. There is no doubt in my mind he is not afraid of anything we might would or could do to him...too many people with there hands out and the Muslims are there to safeguard him.

Grant Burmer said...

You are so correct, but, you did not need to be so nice.