Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear Patriots;

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer

Much has been said about the stupidity of the American people as of late. Let's be more candid. The only people who may fit that category area goodly number of politicians and most all of those, who for any number of reasons, feed off, live off, or rely upon the government tit for their pitiful existence in life.

Mind you I am completely aware that as the Lord God has declared, "The Poor will always be amongst us." This falls under the responsibility of churches, and non-Profit charities, 401c3's etc. Not government.
The average person that struggles day to day to feed and cloth themselves and their families are, were, and always have been aware of the disaster the "Affordable Care Act" or more widely known "Obamacare" fiasco really is. No person who works for a living ever wanted anything to do with the government running our personal ability to purchase health care in any fashion or form. The free market place was doing just fine. Perhaps some encouragement by government to repair certain parts of health care such as "pre-existing conditions" may have been appropriate, but again the government should otherwise stay totally out of the controversy.

You know who the really stupid people are? Let's begin with Nancy Pelosi who on the 9th March 2010 stood up and declared to the American People that "We (the Senate) "have to pass the bill before we can see what's in the bill." What? That statement in and of itself is beyond stupid. When I heard her say that I was stunned. Another thing, The Congress had nothing to do with it, but then "the memory of the American people are short so now she, Pelosi and the Senate believe they can include the Congress and blame the Republicans for this disaster. More appropriately stated, an Unconstitutional act against the Liberties of "We the People."

I blame the Congress only for not acting to stop the legislation in the first place. It appears the Congress now more and more are abdicating, or ignoring, their legislative powers and conceding to the Executive. This alone makes them just as culpable as the President under the Constitution. Hopefully after Jan 2015 this will change.

Another stupid group of people are the IRS, adding them to the mix in the ACA, along with Justice Roberts comments have exacerbated an already tyrannical act signed sealed and delivered to the American people by Comrade Obama, a died in the wool Communist if ever there were one. The IRS is given enforcement ability with regards to making sure the ACA is purchased by the people, if not you will be fined, and made subject to the same rules as regarding your 1040 taxes each year, IE; garnishing wages, added penalties, liens, levies, this sound familiar?

Lois Lerner, who ran the IRS "exempt organizations division has claimed to Congress that her computer crashed and she lost all her data regarding "targeting and delaying Conservative 401c3s applications." These tax exempt organizations ability to fund certain political organizations opposed to OBAMA and the ACA were her primary targets.
Lerner was aided further by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen lying to Congress about back up tapes being recycled every six months; and we were supposed to believe that lie as a matter of fact? Koskinen lying to the Congress said "those e-mails were "Lost forever" He really meant, till after the election.

Only recently we learned that the U.S. Treasury inspector general has found backup tapes containing almost 30,000 e-mails from Lerner. Here is some more stupidity: IRS attorneys have been forced to concede they failed to search the agencies servers, saying they had no reason to believe the tapes would be a potential source for recovering the missing emails, or that the servers even existed in the first place. I am not a computer savvy person but to believe that the IRS personnel actually would try to convince the American people of this tripe boggles the mind.

Given the amount of time since 2010 and the "discovery" of all this begs to ask if the information recovered has somehow now not been redacted so as not to impugn the White House. One has to be cynical enough not to question the authenticity of the information on the e-mails now available to us. Certainly this and a plethora of other information may justify impeachment of the most corrupt Presidency America has ever had to endure.
Now with regard to the learned Mr. Jonathan Gruber of which we have heard so much from and about. We have learned from Nancy Pelosi's own lips that he was the architect of the ACA, We have had it confirmed by Gruber himself, we have evidence that he was paid more than $5,200,000.00 for his work by the Washington Post Via the White House. Nancy Pelosi wants now to deny Gruber had anything to do with meeting with the President or that she herself knows who he is. This while there again is a "plethora" of information countering her own words to the contrary.

So who is stupid here, I submit it is a whole lot of government from the White House down to a University Professor that legitimately wear that label just fine thank you. It is now time for those Republicans recently elected to prepare to repeal Obama Care, close our boarders to the iIlegal aliens, impeach an impeachable President, and restore our Constitutional Republic. It would be well for those who will assume power in the new Congress and Senate come January 1, 2015 to read our first presidents Farewell Address and the Constitution. Take it to heart.

You may well think of this also, from President Washington as spoken 1796: "Towards the preservation of your is requisite...that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however specious the pretexts. One method of assault may be to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown."

Less than this, you can be assured there will be a whole lot of pissed off (perhaps you will savvy that phrase better than to say "disgruntled") Americans, you think we are mad now? Don't test our grit any further. I, as one of "We, The People of the United States", affirm that I have read our U.S. Constitution and pledge to maintain and promote its standard of liberty for myself and for my posterity and do hereby attest to that by my signature.

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barb p said...

I wish you and men of your political intelligence were running our country.
It is sad to think we have gotten to the point that such corrupt people head our Nation...