Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The “Honest” Race Conversation

The “Honest” Race Conversation
Al Ritter 

President Obama and Democratic minions constantly talk about having a conversation in America about “race.” Unfortunately, the last 6 years the position of the Attorney General has been occupied by Eric Holder, who sees fit to ignore the laws and policies forged into law by our legislature. Mr. Holder has taken this position to further the political agenda of his boss Barack Obama. Neither man wants an honest and most certainly a painful conversation about race relations in our country. 

It seems hypocritical to me and a majority of Americans that Eric Holder believes that his interpretation of the Constitution is the only way laws should be handled in America. He regularly misconstrues laws and bends them to the whims and wishes of the massive “transformation of America” as his boss Barack Obama once claimed he would do. Holder says he believes in the law and how the system works and yet when the decision from the Ferguson Grand Jury didn’t go the way he expected, he acted like a petulant child and demeaned the Ferguson Police department, with a promise not to let this go, and to now push for an investigation of the whole department. 

This additional investigation would be funny if it wasn’t so obvious that it’s being done as retribution of something that the Ferguson Grand Jury had done that Holder had seen as wrong. Unfortunately retribution is something the Obama Administration knows all too well. Punishment sits at the forefront of almost every action the Obama Administration uses. 

This isn’t an honest talk about race relations because it uses a lie for basis for further action in Ferguson. Four Forensic Pathologists have done individual inspections of Michael Brown’s body and have all come to the same conclusion, and yet the rioters, politicians, and now an NFL team have seen fit to portray a “hands up don’t shoot” mindset. This is dishonest to say the least, ALL evidence supports Ofc, Darren Wilson’s account of how the shooting went down. A well-known statement about Grand Jury indictments says….”they could indict a ham sandwich,”…..this statement says it all, that a grand jury would rather err on the side of safety and try an innocent man rather than let him go without a trial.

When a Grand Jury doesn’t indict someone it seems pretty clear that there isn’t a cause for indictment and that person acted lawfully. The death of any child is sad, but when that child had a past history of violence, felonies, theft and aggression, is it so surprising that a 300lb man child was almost certainly going to meet an untimely death? 

The race baiters who incited this riot and aided in the destruction of the town of Ferguson, the politicians and make-believe Attorney General ignore the law and in some instances actually threw gasoline on those fires should have been arrested. But alas that doesn’t fit the narrative of fanning the racial flames in this country. Thankfully we have some real standup men and woman who serve in a state’s capacity, to call out this racial divide in the Obama Administration. 

How can anyone have an honest discussion about race when the federal government has already picked a side and is enforcing law the way they see fit rather than to justly apply the letter of the law? 

Stupid people know no color, but it’s not honest to say that because this boy was black and the officer was white this was a racial incident. To portray an event even after proving Brown never held up his hands in an attempt to surrender is a lie, America knows it now, but Brown's parents and Obama/Holder are purely in denial! I think most of America admits that if this had been a black officer and a white boy that tried to take his gun and the white boy had been killed this story would have been buried on the back page of the local paper and would have never been mentioned again.

We the People understand this but the Obama/Holder department of “Just Us” have decided that they won’t let this go…..I say to them, “Let this dead horse lie” and move on to the next racially charged incident you are bound to find.

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