Friday, June 26, 2015

Eric Holder Was Right

Eric Holder Was Right
Kevin Bryant 

God Help Us, Eric Holder was right, we are a nation of cowards. We are cowards when it comes to race related issues. We are cowards when it comes to confronting politicians. We are cowards when it comes to doing what is necessary when it’s not popular and worst of all; we are cowards about standing our ground.  

Race related crap. Yes, “crap” is the correct word to use here. Its crap to believe that if you are white you are automatically a racist but that is what the left want you to believe. The left has convinced a majority of minorities in this country that all their woes are because of what they the left has labeled “White Privilege”. White privilege? I sure didn’t grow up with any? Not a single member of my family grew up with any. Anything and everything we have is directly related to working for what we have. I and my siblings applied ourselves in school and earned diplomas and in some cases degrees because we worked for them, no white privilege did that. These were not based on grading on a curve or no child left behind crap. Neither I nor my siblings live in the worst neighborhoods of our respective communities. None of us live in affluent neighborhoods but we do live in safe neighborhoods because we worked to get there, white privilege didn’t do that. Our kids didn’t grow up hungry because we needed more jewelry to wear or spent grocery money on a $300 pair of shoes and none us are covered in tattoos. In fact, I don’t think any of us have a single tattoo. None of this is what the left want you to believe is “White Privilege”. It’s called being responsible to ourselves, our kids and our communities. A black cops shoots a white criminal, we aren’t out there breaking windows and looting businesses in protest. Unless proven otherwise, we are all pretty sure the cop had a good reason to do it. Our parents set rules and standards and for the most part, we followed those rules and met their standards. As parents, we set rules and standards for our kids and for the most part they met them.  

It may have taken 40+ years but finally even my sister has come around to understanding there is no such thing as a political party fighting for the individual. Parties fight for their own interest and that interest is gaining more power and more control. It should be the duty of every person of voting age to educate themselves and learn the background of those running for office from the city alderman to the city mayor to the state governor to the President of the United States. Anyone who votes a party line is a coward and an idiot and this applies to the cowards and idiots who currently serve in state and federal congress. My father, God rest his soul was a hardened Southern Democrat. The thought of voting for a republican I don’t think ever entered his mind. He asked me one day: “Why are you a republican”.  He could not grasp the idea that I am not a republican. Yes, the majority of the time the people I vote for are running as republicans but not all the time. I told him I’m not a republican; I am a fiscal, social and constitutional conservative. As best as I could try to explain it, I don’t think he ever got the meaning.  

It’s easy to accept what someone tells you as truth. It’s easy to go along with the masses. It’s easy to be selfish and it’s natural to want more. Cowards don’t dig for the truth or base opinions on what they have learned from studying both sides of a debate. Cowards don’t hold in reserve that which they want in order to fill the needs of those dependent upon them. Cowards go with the flow and don’t respectfully challenge those who see themselves as authority figures. Lastly, cowards don’t hold the right and left in America regardless of skin color accountable for their speech and their actions even when they know it’s wrong.  

Yes, this is the only time you are ever going to see me agree with Eric Holder……… We are a nation of cowards.


barb p said...

Very well said and a lot of excellent points. The people who do care the most ARE trying to 'fight back', I think; voting and telling our leaders we do care. The sad part is not enough care, too many have given into "what's the use?" Just my opinion...

Kevin said...

Thank you all for your comments. If there was a way to hit like, I would hit like on all of them.