Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Has Our Country Has Lost Its Collective Mind?

Has Our Country Has Lost Its Collective Mind?
Al Ritter

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have sold us down the river for the progressive movement. They don’t even pretend to serve their constituency that reelected them. Obama continues to push his agenda which has gone into overdrive. Continually our elected officials club us over the head like defenseless seal pups.

It’s damn well time we take this country back and return it to the place our founding forefathers intended. It’s time we put a limit on government, and throttle back the Supreme Court, which lately seems to mirroring Obama’s twisted agenda of supporting the very people that attacked us on Sept 11, 2001. We gave this President the benefit of the doubt in 2008 (not me) but many uninformed voters did……Even James Carville admitted that Democratic voters are idiots. How telling is that? Will the democrats even admit they are stupid or even made a mistake for the last 7 and a half years? Not even a chance I’m afraid. Carville was correct our country is being led by idiots!
Nobody will even admit it on the left; they claim the moral high ground, political correctness at ANY cost. Not only that but they excuse any and every action taken by the police to curb the falsely initiated Police brutality. I admit that there is a Police problem in our country, but it isn’t racially charged, it’s equally distributed, unfortunately Black America doesn’t see it, and our President is just as blind.
Our country continually ignores the treasonous actions of the Obama Administration supplying arms to terrorist countries. We even ignore Hillary Clinton’s violation of federal law and enable her to run for President when Federal law excludes her from that very action. The scary part is that our elected Republican legislators have ignored this law, and probably no state will remove her from the ballot based on this law. As my dear ol’ departed mother would have said……..we are headed to hell in a hand basket!
Nothing seems sacred in our country anymore; we are headed down a mineshaft with nobody in the driver’s seat! We are not only moving to the socialistic ideas but we are also moving to a total Sharia acceptant country. Obama can claim any religion he wants, but America sees which religion he supports. He does so at Israel’s peril……he has cast off our OLDEST and best ally in the Middle East and supported every terrorist regime he can possibly support.
At least this Racist, anti-Semitic President has only less than 600 days left as our divider in chief…….it’s time for America to move forward!

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