Monday, June 29, 2015

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men
Al Ritter 

I guess maybe I’m too old to be in this country anymore, but then I’m reminded that Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton are running for office, and they are WAY older than me, and I’m slapped back into reality. My points of view aren’t really represented anymore. Lobbyists are supplanting my interests. The Constitution has become passé, and neither party seems interested in restoring it. The Tea Party candidates that wielded so much power in the mid-terms that WE elected have been watered down and turned out to pasture by the GOP.  

Without a doubt my candidate who has been the only stalwart to restore the constitution has been made the laughing stock of the Senate even though his message has never wavered and still remains true to the Constitution. Clowns have even been introduced as part of the Republican circus running for the presidency even though they have donated mostly to the Democratic Party in the past! I feel as though whatever we call this party, it is still the “party of one.” 

We have set back race relations over 100 years by the policies of Obama, and we are set at the precipice of a racial war! The racism claim is used at the drop of a hat, and has been transformed to mean that only people of color can be victims of racism, but never can whites be victims, documented time after time by Eric Holder. We have ignored ALL the Obama incidents and failed to bring anyone to trial….Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS etc. etc……We have learned that certain people are not only above the law, but they are then allowed to run for the Presidency of the United States. 

We have denied not only our Judea-Christian heritage, but we have accepted the same religion that attacked us on 9/11; we have endorsed it over Christianity! Obama has used our Constitution against us to support religious freedom for Islam at the cost of denying others! 

We have not only armed our declared enemies, but we have ignored the treasonous activities of our government, and used the DOJ, IRS, and even the Secret Service as the henchmen to destroy ordinary citizens’ lives at the bequest of the office of the Presidency. 

The saddest part is that on the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is showing signs of moving farther left than even Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders the only self-avowed Socialist candidate is proposing an even FARTHER leftist agenda and he is running a close second place! 

Continually history is now being rewritten to fit the narrative of the Obama Administration, on race matters, and liberal agenda matters, adding yet another degree of falsehood to our past and a denial of facts. 

Even the so called Conservative Governors are bowing to removing the “Southern Cross” or otherwise known as the Stars and Bars, or the Confederate Flag, because it offends some ignorant, public school, or leftist collegiate taught, or uninformed minions of the left. 

We read daily where College professors are teaching our children a liberal politically tainted agenda pushed by the government. Common core has become the law of the land and teaches our kids a much more involved logic to simple mathematical questions. Our work force is at the smallest size since WWII and nobody seems to question it. 

Over half our population is now on some sort of entitlement program, and programs that we as workers and the companies that we worked for, donated into, are now also termed welfare entitlements. 

Our government has decided what is best for us, and forcefully makes us comply.  

If you make cash deposits from your business in the amounts of under $10,000 the IRS can come in and confiscate all your funds and threaten to never return it even if you have never been charged with a crime. 

Daily we hear about Police situations where their actions have become increasingly militaristic and every bit as violent as the cartels and gangs they are supposedly protecting us against. 

We have been so attacked by the government in our personal lives that thoughts and concerns about such things as unemployment, national debt, and foreign policy now mean very little. 

The Obama administration and Congress have totally demoralized the armed forces by denying them the benefits that had been promised and earned, while all the time increasing their own benefits. The military is at its smallest size since WWII, and the Pentagon’s budget is being cut daily despite the fact that Obama has now waged war in more countries at the same time than ANY President in the past. Rules of Engagement have changed so much that it puts EVERY service member in far more danger than at any time in the past. 

We now pay ransom to get back military defectors and trade the most dangerous prisoners in the world on a scale of 5 for 1.  

In the first year of Obama Presidency we GAVE away, not sold, probably the most important invention of our millennium, the Internet. Originally invented by our military Obama gave it away in 2009. 

Our Supreme Court has now become a biased liberal extension of the Office of the Presidency. Supreme Court decisions have now decided that same sex marriage will now be the law of the land, and the failed “Obamacare” will probably be with me until the day I die whether I agree with either decision or not. 

We treat whistleblowers with distain and administer retribution quickly and decisively, even though there are laws against such actions. On the other hand we treat the liars and deceivers in government to continual pay raises and promotions. In the eyes of government evil has turned into good and good into evil. 

Our international southern border no longer means a thing and every government agency formed to protect us there has been given orders to stand down and allow this illegal action. The DOJ continually picks and choses which law they intend to enforce regardless of their pledge to enforce all laws equally. 

Minimum wage has been increased to compensate minimal skill workers who never really intend to increase their skill level but instead are content to languish at the minimal skill profession for life. Meanwhile military professionals continue to be paid at low wages despite their education level and the daily life threatening nature of their work. 

Social Security benefits have been set to a higher age limit now, making seniors put off retirement, while Social Security disability benefits have increased over two fold, giving benefits to a new group of people willing to defraud our government. 

Welfare Benefits are now willfully given to Illegal immigrants whom have never even paid a dime into our system, but are draining an already depleted reserve. Forging Social Security cards and fraudulently using someone else’s number is no longer considered a felony, and the Administration refuses to even charge those responsible with identity theft. 

Those who refuse to pay income taxes remain in government jobs and given bonuses and pay raises regardless of their indebtedness. High profile “social injustice” purveyors are not only given a free pass on their taxes, but are invited multiple times to the Whitehouse for their “special” expert opinions. 

Although the government tells us that the reason for extending the retirement age is that in just a few years the elderly will be the majority of America, and yet they constantly ignore our voice. Is the next step to deny the elderly voting rights?  

I feel like Tommy Lee Jones and ready to hand my country over to the useful idiots.






Kevin said...

SO TRUE!!!!!!

Leslie C said...

Thank you for saying so eloquently what many of us are feeling and experiencing. No country for old women either.

bud s said...


barb p said...

Al I wish you could be wrong when it comes to our countries politics but sadly you always seem to hit the nail on the head. It no longer 'feels like home' in my country, and I am afraid it is becoming a place to live in fear, not of 'my neighbors', but fear of my government. I wonder what they will do next that just might take my home/my securities away from me. I vote but feel like it really doesn't 'count'. So many people I know are feeling the same way. It won't stop me from voting, it is my right and I can't give that up willingly...

lora s said...

Sad but true.

barb g said...

PRICELESS article !! You go Al !!