Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Imagine If You Will Cancel Culture Buys Towns:

Imagine If You Will, Cancel Culture Buys Towns:

Al Ritter


If Facebook, or Google, maybe Apple were to buy an enormous plot of ground say 70,000 acres and decided to create their own town. What would that town look like?


Most Cities start as Townships, transform to Municipalities, then to Cities. They normally start out by incorporating with the sole intent of creating a Township. Along with accepting that charter they assume the responsibilities of creating infrastructure, roads, courts, and Police Departments. This is how things are normally done.


Now let’s step into the Twilight zone for a minute.


Let’s now assume that an already Incorporated LLC (read that limited liability corporation) whose sole purpose was totally unrelated to the intent of forming a town. Starting to blur the lines of what is right and wrong aren’t we?


In Nevada the state legislature is looking into changing the law to allow a large Big Tech giant Blockchains LLC to turn a 67,000 acre plot into their own town, but here’s the kicker. Blockchains will control basically the whole town through a three member board of supervisors. Two of those supervisors will be named by Blockchains, the third appointment is unclear. Understand that there would be no elected officials of the town only appointed ones! Kind of undercuts the idea of Democracy doesn't it?


This will give the Big Tech Giant to make the rules, it is unclear whether the town would operate autonomously and have its own sovereignty or not. What is clear however is that Blockchains will have the authority to control all your identity information within its borders.


Is this the path our nation needs at this point? Handing over more power to Big Tech or removing it?




Unknown said...

Do they still have to pay state and federal taxes?

Bud S said...

I’m not sure that is not where we are headed that way now

republican patriot said...

Not 100% sure but I would assume they would have to pay taxes