Sunday, February 21, 2021

News Is Now Over, Only One Opinion Remains


News Is Now Over, Only One Opinion Remains

Al Ritter


Remember how our parents told us, “There are two sides to every story?” Obviously this is no longer true in our new Cancel Culture society. We have now handed power to the Big Tech giants to make decisions on what type of opinion is acceptable and what is not. 

Consider for a minute if you will, Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon decided to remove the web site of Parler because in their view posts made on that site had not been properly moderated about actions that happened on Jan 6th. Later investigation showed that 27 objectionable posts had been made on Facebook, 13 posts on Twitter, and yet only 3 had been made on Parler. That didn’t matter to Bezos, he never admitted he was wrong, nor reactivated Parler’s account. He made them find another server after barely salvaging their customer’s information. 

Consider for a minute Mark Zuckerberg’s latest actions. Australia has had enough of Zuckerberg and his mishandling of the privacy of its citizens by way of Facebook. In an issued threat Zuckerberg cautioned the Australian and New Zealand governments if they make him pay for published news he would ban all news articles from Facebook entirely in their country. Before the law had ever been signed into law Zuckerberg made a preemptive vindictive strike banning not only news but several government, health and emergency services pages on Facebook and Instagram. The EU, France and Canada are closely watching the outcome as they are considering similar laws. 

Consider for a minute Zuckerberg’s desire to get involved in Political outcome in a foreign country. In Myanmar the military coup over the democratically elected government has now been affected by Facebook. Zuckerberg has decided to remove any all presence of the military on Facebook siting violation of their terms of service. The Military has now threated to remove Facebook entirely from their country thus removing 22 million subscribers on Facebook. 

This so called Cancel Culture is being perpetrated by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Amazon.

Every new day they seem to find something else to push their agenda. After 8 months of Zuckerberg peddling his opinion of Covid-19 using the adage of “stopping misinformation,” he has now found a new agenda to combat “misinformation.” His new attack is on Climate Change…and censoring anything that he sees as running contrary to his view of “settled science.”


Where else has a 36 year old wielded such power? Better question still is how did we let him obtain such power?



Unknown said...

The big techs just keep rewriting the history as they want it to be! We need to stop giving them the power!

Unknown said...

These corporations need to have their power limited and being held responsible for their actions.

Bud S said...

That last question is a good one