Friday, February 12, 2021

Welcome Back Patriots!

Welcome back Patriots!

Al Ritter


As I said earlier, I had been locked out of my own blog for 4 years! Who knows what will happen to my blog now as Google has control over my account. As we found out this year the “Big Tech” now has control of our conservative speech.


Well, where do I start to fill the void of four years? I have to admit, I was a “never trumper” in the beginning. I’m sure you remember that I SURELY didn’t like the Obama/Biden administration! When Trump was elected I was equally disappointed.


People tend to voice the old adage “ Well I voted for the lesser of two evils.” Sadly that doesn’t work for me. Certainly Hillary is evil, but I wasn’t sold on Trump either, and voting for the lesser of the evils is still voting for evil.


In his first year, I still wasn’t terribly impressed, but as time went on I started seeing him sign policies that I agreed with. I still had problems with his grandiose statements on Twitter, and Facebook. His need to poke a stick into everyone’s eye who didn’t agree with him troubled me. Obviously his parents never taught him how to pick his battles, because he seemed to want to fight them all!


In his second through four year his accomplishments started to mount. He still wasn’t my pick for the Presidency, but his successes were mounting. At least I finally voted for him in 2020, and not because he was the lesser of two evils, it was a vote this time of confidence.


I look at the President the same way I look at doctors now. I pick my doctor based on his abilities as a doctor, I don’t pick a doctor solely on the idea “Do I like him?” I pick a doctor for the care he can give me not because of some misplaced popularity contest. The same goes for me in picking a President, I don’t view him as being my buddy or a friend but someone who can do the best possible job.


As we move forward after the inauguration, I haven’t been terribly impressed, it appears as though he has reversed many things that improved us under the Trump Administration.


Only 204 weeks to go!




Anonymous said...

Hi Al, that reflects my feelings on trump very well. I never like3d the MAN Trump but as President, he was the best.


Unknown said...

Trump should have stayed off Twitter but he accomplished a lot of good things for this country and the Middle East.