Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sleeping Giants, the Silent Enemy

Sleeping Giants, the Silent Enemy

Al Ritter

We know about Media Matters, and the boisterous mouth pieces of the left. We even know about who finances most of them. One organization has flown under the radar for a few years, but needs to be exposed for what it really is.

It’s a hate group but for different reasons than one might think. It was a project of an ad copy man who was destined to see if he could financially destroy a company just because he could. Once he discovered he could accomplish as much with a negative ad campaign as he could with a positive campaign he was off and running. Being of liberal mindset, he set out to destroy his first target, Breitbart News Chairman at the time Steven Bannon, a Trump Whitehouse strategist was his main objective.

Being in the advertising business he had an inside track on advertisers and went after them with fervor. It’s not clear how he applied pressure to these advertisers to drop their advertising money to Breitbart, but obviously it was very effective. So effective were his strong arm tactics that Breitbart lost 90% of it’s funding in 2 months’ time!

Obviously public opinion means a lot in these days of Cancel Culture, and by hook or crook the Founder of “Sleeping Giants” to inflict as much damage as he could on the Conservative machine.

I might add that he was so secretive about his identity that he went as far as to scrub all his social media accounts and hide in the shadows of his own destructive guerilla warfare group.

His next target would be a Hedge Fund Company named Renaissance Technologies because its CEO Robert Mercer was a Conservative and had a personal investment in Breitbart. Pressure from Sleeping Giants forced Mercer to not only step down as CEO but to divest his shares in Breitbart.

Next on the agenda was helping Media Matters and Parkland student golden boy David Hogg push their boycott of the Laura Ingram Show on Fox News. They even went to the point of publishing the name and email address of a HULU Vice President to have their followers email her it protest Ingram’s Live Stream Show.

All the while this guy tried to keep his identity secret, but vanity eventually struck as one of his friends outed him on Twitter. DeeAnn Budney She congratulated Matt Rivitz as the founder of “Sleeping Giants” the guy who dishonestly plotted the destruction of a few institutions.

I pray everyone will know his name and hopefully he will never be able to get a job in Advertising again!


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Bud S said...

Very interesting I just don’t what makes someone think that way

republican patriot said...

Exactly Bud, he has talent but he decided to use it for evil rather than career success