Monday, April 12, 2021

Would You Take Advice from a Quack Doctor?


Would You Take Advice from a Quack Doctor?

Al Ritter


John Kerry along with Al Gore were the scare mongers of “Global Warming” before the war cry was changed shortly afterwards to “Climate Change.” History has not supported their wild claims nor will it ever. Every single claim was only supported by theories, projections and in some cases manufactured      (read that fraudulently modified data).

Yet here we are beating that old dead horse long after the “Hockey Stick” theory had been debunked, and Al Gore has long since faded into obscurity.

But Joe Biden has a history of recycling old failed pundits into new experts on things they know nothing about, enter John Kerry, a late phase septuagenarian multi-millionaire much like Joe Biden to be the “Climate Czar.”

The term Czar should be offensive to every American for two reasons, #1 is, we don’t live in Russia although sometimes it may seem like it, and #2 this was a term started by Obama, and it has nothing to do with cabinet position. A Cabinet position has to be approved by Congress and there isn’t a chance in this wide world Kerry would be approved for something he has no knowledge about.

Let’s look at this from a logical side, when a “Czar” is picked, they are merely an arm of the Presidency to mold opinion, propaganda if you will. He has NO formal training in Climatology. He got a BA degree from Yale in 1966 after lackluster grades placed him generously in the middle of his class. After serving in Viet Nam he returned to Boston College to get his Juris Doctor degree in 1976. So you see much like other supposed “experts” in the field like Al Gore and even Bill Nye the Science guy (who started out as a comedian and has NO formal training in Climate Change nor even science) they are merely faces to be attached to a cause.


Listen to his wild claims back in 2009. Not ONE claim has proven to be true. Every claim was based on faulty modeling, and yet he is now regurgitating the same wild claims.  Listen as he bashes James Inhofe on the floor of the Senate.

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Turk 182 said...

I never had ANY respect for this clown!

Unknown said...

He needs to go back under his rock.

Anonymous said...

Kerry flies across the country in a private jet to lecture us on how we cause climate change.

The top 5% of the country, uses 50% of the energy in America.

Bud S said...

Joe and John, what a pair!