Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Vax Crowd are Pushing Their Agenda

The Vax Crowd are Pushing Their Agenda

Al Ritter

Three weeks ago I visited a new General Practitioner and we had a pretty good conversation about my general health and discussion about my annual physical. At the end of the physical when we were done I asked him why he didn’t ask me about getting the Covid Vaccination. His reply was very much to the point and frankly to my liking. He said that the whole Covid situation was so politically charged that he believes most everyone has already made up their minds whether to get it or not and he prefers not to get involved. I can respect that from the man so my view of him went up a few rungs on my ladder of trust.

Today was another matter entirely. I visited a Neurologist to get a nerve conductance test. At the end of the test she rather pointedly and aggressively quizzed me as to if I was going to get the Covid Vaccination. I told her that I was on a “wait to see basis.” She didn’t take the hint that I really didn’t want to talk about it and delved in more aggressively. Regurgitating the typical Fauci line about how I had to “follow the science.”

I replied that the “science” wasn’t in yet on the Covid -19 vaccination and that it wasn’t even fully FDA approved yet, she scoffed at that but continued to plow on into uncharted waters. She then asked why I was hesitant even though I already gave her a pretty big reason. I said how about masks? She said what about masks? I said the CDC has already made a report based on RCT’s that say masks don’t do anything to stop transmission of ANY influenzas! Once again she scoffed, to which I replied “So now it’s YOU who don’t follow the science?”

I pointed my mask that I am forced to wear and asked her if this is ok to wear. She said yes, to which I replied that it was made to use in a sterile environment correct? She affirmed that yes it was. I then asked…am I in a sterile environment outside a surgical environment? And she admitted I was correct and that anything outside the OR wasn’t sterile. I asked then why do we have to wear them? She then switched tactics and said well regular influenza is down because of masks. I asked what RCT’s she had to conform her wild claim……crickets. I said didn’t the later versions of the Covid Test include influenza “A” and Influenza “B” tests? Again crickets! Isn’t there a slight possibility that a positive on the A or B test was included in the positive for Covid? Why weren’t ALL the tests done separately? Again no reply.

It really cracks me up that the Pro Vaxers refuse to see any other opinion other than their own and treat you as if you are Satan himself if you don’t bow to their wishes. How you are selfish if you don’t wear a mask or get a vaccine.

I ended our conversation with…….”Aren’t you happy you had this conversation with me now?”

Not all doctors are assholes but there are a few! I can’t wait for the doctor’s evaluation questionnaire to follow this appointment! 


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha they can't stand an informed patient!~

Unknown said...

Love the crickets!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do these doctors realize there as just as many doctors that disagree with them?

Turk 182 said...

she is a neurologist?.........what exactly does she know about immunology?

republican patriot said...

Not a damn thing as far as i know, but she was all aggressive and acting stupid!