Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jeremiah has a rally at the National Press Club

America’s favorite Crazy Uncle, Rev Jeremiah Wright escaped the basement where Barack Obama had been keeping him. He appeared Monday April 28, 2008 at the National Press Club along with supporters of his church, whom by the way drove the actual press club to the balcony. He went on a tirade about all the good things his church has done, which by the way has never been in question. He spoke for approximately 15 minutes, defending every program his church is involved in, not only in America but also in Africa. He then answered (only pre-screened, pre-prepared) from the “audience” otherwise known as his supporters. He then taunted the woman who was merely reading the questions handed to her by others.

What this retired loony tune doesn’t understand is that America and the press don’t condemn his church OR their actions, they do however condemn HIS words and actions. The problem is, as he sees it, “You are not attacking Jeremiah Wright, you are attacking the black church.” Recently at a friend’s funeral, he turned the eulogy into but yet another political rant. As far as I am concerned, what he did was disgraceful to the memory of a friend who had passed away. He without a doubt made a mockery of the National Press Club, and did nothing to calm the waters about his past remarks. If anything he cemented his past remarks, and possibly turned on even Obama, by remarking, “ If you win the Presidency, I’ll be coming after you.” Then later commented as if he was a school yard bully, “If you talk about my Mama………..”

It’s nice to know that god makes idiots of all colors

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Anonymous said...

He really must believe he is something/someone very special!! Guess we know who
will be following his preaching's, and who won't!! Anyone in their 'right
mind' will stay away from that church - UNLESS- they happen to be true racist!!
Just my opinion.