Monday, May 26, 2008

It’s a cookout in Washington!

I was watching the public lynching of the oil executives today by congress, and I couldn’t help but to laugh. Senator Ben Cardin, one of the two idiot senators from the state previously known as the “free state” of Maryland, was talking to Neil Cavuto on Fox News. Neil asked him why the congress has tied the hands of oil companies to drill on our lands, and off our shores. Cardin skillfully dodged every one of Neil’s questions, telling Neil that we need to find alternative, renewable, fuel sources, that we are far too reliant on oil from the Middle East. Neil agreed with him but questioned him farther about why, drilling isn’t allowed in Alaska in this new untapped oil field, or just 60 miles offshore of Miami, where China is currently drilling, but the “green heads” (democrats), won’t allow it. Again Cardin dodged the bullet, citing the need for alternative renewable energy. Cavuto sited the oil companies profit margin this year of 4 cents a gallon, which has been a reduction of last years profit of 10 cents a gallon, and then asked how much the federal government and state governments are making from the sale of each gallon of gasoline, without so much as lifting a finger. He went on to tell Cardin that the federal government hasn’t allowed a refinery to be built in this country since 1973, and no nuclear power plants to be built is nearly the same time period, which is a renewable source.

I have to wonder what the deal is with Democrats; we certainly can’t run cars on wind power, solar, or any other sources of energy they claim we can use. They have brought us to a failed policy on ethanol, and driven the food prices up accordingly to produce a wasteful program that was destined to fail from the start. Every car racer knows that it takes twice as much alcohol to accomplish the same thing that gasoline produces BTU wise.

Earlier in the day Shepard Smith showed a video from the tar and feathering showing a liberal congresswoman Maxine Waters from CA grilling a Shell Oil Executive on the effect the high prices of gas is having on America. Waters has had an ongoing lynching going on with Shell Oil Company, as she has written a book about them. She threatened the executive with “socializing” his company…….dumbfounded and with his mouth hanging open, he collected his wits later and told Fox News…..”I think Hugo Chavez has already tried that.” At least one Democrat came clean about the agenda they have!

The CONGRESS has made the laws that have allowed us to arrive at the predicament we are in now. THEY passed the ethanol program complete with subsidies, not President Bush. They need a scapegoat right now to offer as a sacrifice to the American people. You have to listen to these videos and sound bytes to see who profits the most from the sale of gasoline in America, and the big news here is…………it’s not the oil companies!

Maxine Waters’s admission
Maxine Water’s book on Shell Oil

Cavuto’s take on the day

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Anonymous said...

that first video is a REAL smoking gun as to what the democratic party is all about! Everyone in America should see this one!