Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama/ Biden

Obama’s choice for the Vice Presidential spot brings up some serious questions. Last year Biden said that he wasn’t interested in the VP spot, and he would turn it down to stay the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. What has changed since then? Obviously Joe Biden didn’t expect Barack Obama to win the Democratic Nomination, or he might not have said such a thing last year.

Another thing that raises questions is……..If Barack has used one theme over and over in his campaign it has been…….”I’ve always been against the war in Iraq.” Now if Obama has picked his VP for his experience in foreign relations, he is going to have a hard time explaining Biden’s support of the war. The fact that Biden later flip-flopped his stance only confuses the matter.

Obama has identified himself as the candidate of change, one who is on the proverbial "outside" of Washington, and yet has picked for a VP one of the longest serving senators (35 years.) Who kind of message does this send?

If Obama has in fact picked his VP to firm up his lack of experience in foreign affairs, why would a voter chose to vote for his ticket when the second guy has more experience then the main man?

Biden has said that he changed his opinion of the war, saying that Bush lied and led us into it fraudulently. He hopes that the American people have forgotten that the information that President Bush used to make the decision for war was collected by his predecessor President Clinton. A bi-partisan senate committee investigated the manner in which Bush made his decision to attack Iraq, and found NO wrong doing. It was certainly amusing to see all the past video clips of senate and congressional representatives making a case to attack Iraq. In all fairness though Senator Clinton backed the war then and backs the war now.

Senator Biden has the uncanny ability to say the wrong things at the wrong time. When my son graduated from the University of Delaware, Senator Joe Biden spoke at the commencement exercises. Rather then speaking about the hope of these freshly graduated students, he chose to speak about the very war in Iraq he voted in favor of. This was when he had just changed his view. It might have been different if he had been speaking to his constituents in Delaware, but students in a University are a microcosm of America. It was quite evident the parents of these students didn’t appreciate the ranting tirade of Joe Biden either, as about half of them walked out! This clearly showed that Biden’s judgement was over shadowed by his need to be “right.”

Another interesting item for discussion is how will Biden explain his previous overwhelming support of John McCain. He has never voiced the same such support for Barack Obama.

It will be interesting to see what Biden’s take on Obama’s rather public stance on abandoning the Iraqi war in favor of attacking Pakistan and Afghanistan, while holding a hair trigger on Iran.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting Al. Guess the "fat Lady hasn't sung yet". This is really going to be one interesting/scary election...-