Friday, August 1, 2008

Who will you trust to protect us?

With a renewed Russian threat to assemble a new “Axis of Evil”, we have to wonder who would be the best candidate to support our country. John McCain believes in National Defense, and increasing the defense budget. After the Clinton Administration decreased our defense budget by 35% the attack on the Twin Towers happened, leaving us with a decreased capability to fight an Islamic war on many fronts. Barack Obama, on the other hand, wants us to give up our defenses while many countries seek to destroy us. He has concluded that Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, are all “small countries” and pose us no threat!

Vladimir Putin is on a course now to assemble a consortium of countries to secure Russia’s supply of oil, while in the same time strangling our country for supplies. Threats aren’t just physical, economic damage can hold us hostage too. Obama seems to have a simplistic view of foreign affairs, and that view will serve to hurt us. It wasn’t coincidence that had Russia invading Georgia, they have a pipeline of oil and they are a democracy, but of course Obama had 4 different positions on this invasion before actually deciding on anything.

You need to view this video to see his exact words;

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