Friday, August 8, 2008

Senate approves first SUV design

In the first only resolution passed during a senate “recess” was accomplished today by the senate in a heated debate even among the only ones present (democrats). The senate approved the first primary wind powered SUV by a narrow margin. The extreme liberals were on a 12th hour vigil to deny the half sane remaining crowd, on the basis that the rubber dust left from the tires of the “big bad” SUV would contribute to global warming, as defined by “our father who art in Tennessee.” Soccer Moms seemed to be the target of the elite left crowd, as Senator Obama this week declared that tire under inflation and poor tune up practices has contributed to dependency on foreign oil in the past, thus leading the charge by the dems to approve the new SUV design.

As you will see the new approved design incorporates the new democratic push for wind power. Of course the new design now requires all bridges, stoplights, and power lines to be raised by 13ft., but as the democratic caucus has declared, “this is by far a more acceptable situation then drilling in the ANWR province. The new changes to our roadways will cost the taxpayer and additional 13 trillion dollars a year, but as the dems referred to it as a “win for the world.”

The far left is not yet satisfied with the new design, saying it leaves a lot to be desired. Further changes in the successive years include solar panels, the addition of lithium batteries, and a wind up key for the back door. As the Democratic Party said late last night, “this is a vehicle we can live with, ignore all the hype the republican party comes up with, this IS the SUV of the future”

Car and Driver magazine did a road test of this vehicle before the dems unveiled it yesterday, saying….”this is the scariest ride we have ever been in, the sails lift the inner wheels in each turn, and the view over the windmills on the hood block vision to the point of obstructed vision.”

The dems countered that, this was a clear conspiracy to deny the American public of a true green vehicle. Further testing will include a trailer that has an onboard spill-proof still designed by non other then previously presidential pardoned Junior Johnson of NASCAR fame to supply the needed ethanol fuel to traverse a mere 200 miles, previously handled by diesels to over double that limit, but now considered economically in feasible.

The Bush administration has remained mysteriously quiet.


Anonymous said...

O M G !!!! that is tooooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that this is so funny!!