Wednesday, August 27, 2008


By: Kevin Bryant

Is it just me or have a lot of you seem to notice that Obama wants everyone to believe that he is the second coming of JFK?

If this is a set plan by the Obama campaign, then I truly believe that JFK is not only rolling over in his grave but he’s more likely to be turning cart wheels in there. It’s true that Kennedy was a member of the Democratic Party, and didn’t have much experience holding a national office when he won the white house, but that folks is where the similarities end. If Kennedy were alive today, he’d be looking around wondering where his party went.

Kennedy initiated one of the largest tax reductions on the tax paying working class in the history of the United States. Obama wants to increase taxes on the paying working class in larger amounts than Kennedy reduced them.

Kennedy was a man of vision who could think for himself. Obama is a messenger of the and DailyKos and spreads their vision of how things should be.

If Kennedy were alive today, I believe he would be a republican. Obama is alive today and he is so far left, he bypasses democrats and is himself a socialist.

Kennedy’s speeches were original and they held meaning. Obama’s speeches are primarily resurrections of Kennedy speeches with a more modern twist and he really doesn’t seem to care a thing about what they say so long as he gets favorable press from them.

Kennedy was a leader. Obama is a puppet.

Under Kennedy, the economy maintained steady growth. If Obama is elected, the economy as it stands now will seem like prosperous times compared to what will happen.

The second coming of Kennedy, I DON’T THINK SO.

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Boy do I totally agree....