Monday, March 15, 2010

In Support Of Dan Rather

In Support Of Dan Rather
Kevin Bryant

I don’t like Dan Rather’s political views. If I were ever to meet the man, I would shake his hand out of politeness only. I would not be rude to the man but he would know if we were ever to discuss politics that we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Dan Rather made a statement about Obama couldn’t sell watermelons on the side of the road if he were given a state trooper to flag down traffic for him. Dan Rather is from Texas, I am from Arkansas. This has been a saying in the south long before political correctness ever took hold in America. This statement has been said 200 times more often about white people than blacks for almost 100 years now. Whites have said it about whites. Whites have said it about blacks. Blacks have said it about both whites and blacks. Calling this a racist statement just shows how ignorant people are to the laid back ways of rural southern United States.

I’m sure that if Dan Rather wanted to make a derogatory remark about Obama based solely on race, he has many to choose from. Just like if Obama wanted to respond with a derogatory statement about Dan Rather based solely on race, I’m sure he has plenty to choose from. Like I said, I don’t like Dan Rather’s political views. I don’t know him personally but from what I do know of him, he used to be a well respected news journalist.

The PC madness in America has to stop. If we jailed everyone who, thanks to political correctness, has offended someone, more than 95% of all Americans would have a criminal record including everyone who has ever served in the House, the Senate and served as President including our current President.

Why is it that everything related to the south found to be offensive? We raise cotton, we raise soybean, we raise catfish and we raise chickens and yes, we raise watermelons. These are a part of life in the south. If you don’t like them then quit wearing clothes made from cotton. Quit using products that are made from soybeans. Quit eating catfish and chicken and especially watermelons if they offend you. Texas is the top watermelon producing state in the U.S. It makes sense that a statement involving watermelons would be common place there and it be used by everyone regardless of race for almost a century now.

I had a black drill sergeant once from New York who knew I was from Arkansas tell me to get my pig smelling, southern fried, watermelon eating (backside) out of his face. Should I have written him up for making a racist remark towards me?

If Dan Rather’s remarks were racist, then I surely must be a racist because I like the taste of KFC chicken over Pop-Eye’s.


KD Hanson said...

If Karl Rove or Dick Cheney had made the same statement as Dan "Frequency" Rather had, there'd be marches in Washington and a general calling for heads. I agree entirely that the studied outrage behind such an uproar is banal, but I'm more concerned about the application and level of wrath aimed at the speaker based on his political background. A double standard can undermine a lot of righteous indignation.

Kevin said...

Yes, there is a double standrd, but instead of a double standard, there needs to be no standard what-so-ever. Reason being is that everything we say in today's society, someone is looking to find a racial or derogatory undertone to it.

In the south we call our friends "good ol boys". In business, there is always the "good ol boy" network somewhere. However, if I were to say that I thought the congressional black causus or the NAACP is just a bunch of "good ol boys" trying to get things done, then I would be accused of being a racist based on the word "boy" regardless of the intent.

You can't change the behavior of 300 million people and get them all to act and think the same. You can't set standards based on use of words. America needs to look beyond the words and look at the context in which they were used.

barb p said...

I'm with you Kevin...

Anonymous said...

Cool post. Thanks!