Friday, May 7, 2010

Republicans: Enough money and enthusiasm to go around in Maryland?

Republicans: Enough money and enthusiasm to go around in Maryland?
Al Ritter

Last weekend, the Republicans of Maryland had their spring get together in Ocean City, Maryland. The meeting didn’t have the same air of a conservative wave to take back America. Instead of an aim to replace a few democratic seats in the house and senate with Republicans, it took on more of a feeling of an Ehrlich pep rally.

Granted the seat of Governor is the most powerful seat in Maryland, but unless the Governor can garner the support of the legislature, his position becomes merely an exercise in futility. Unless Bob Ehrlich approves of a candidate for the legislature, that campaign is doomed to fail.

The spring meet for Republicans in Ocean City turned out to be a meeting for supporters of Ehrlich. The primary has yet to be decided and yet Mr. Ehrlich’s challenger was treated as an outsider. Ehrlich spoke at the meeting, and yet his challenger Brian Murphy, was not even handed the microphone the entire weekend.

Why is the Maryland Republican Party afraid to address this issue? Could it be that they would rather keep it a run between a moderate Republican vs. a far left Democrat? Is it not ironic that the only Republican candidate who has actually filed was the candidate who wasn’t allowed to speak at the state party function?

With a national message being sent to run more conservative candidates, why does Maryland ignore those very rumblings? Why would they ignore up and coming strong conservative candidates, to merely invest enthusiasm in one man, Bob Ehrlich, when his leanings are not 100% conservative?

What does the Republican Party, or for that matter, the republican voters in Maryland actually know about Brian Murphy? Why wasn’t he given a chance to stump for office in the spring meeting? Are all the Republican donations going to the governor’s race alone?

Is this the very same cronyism that plagues the Democrats, or a brand new “old boy’s club” started by Ehrlich?


republican patriot said...
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barb p said...

It does sound that way Al. That is such a shame....