Thursday, June 3, 2010

Censorship of Facebook, what's next?

Censorship of Facebook, what's next?
Al Ritter

It seems all that is needed to be investigated now by the FBI, is for someone to see another’s posts as offensive. William Hodges has long been a critic of the Obama Administration, but recently while posting a news article, his facebook account was deactivated, and merely 12 hours later an FBI agents and Secret Service Agents interviewed him and all his friends on facebook.

It seems that his posts were offensive to another member, obviously someone whom didn’t share his views. Is this what our country has become? Has the social networking venues such as Facebook, and My Space now become targets of the Obama Administration? It seems that not only did Mr. Hodges get investigated for his posts, but the FBI found that he had donated to Israeli cause, and they viewed that as donating to a questionable cause!

Since when has defending Israel (one of our best allies) become a questionable cause? Obviously the present administration sees Israel differently than all the past administrations. Have we become so politically correct in our actions that ANY comment offends us? I think the bigger question would be is has all dissent been outlawed by this administration, or does it just appear this way?

Actual posts by William Hodges after his account was restored by Facebook:
William Hodges

Facebook has unlocked my account. I was interviewed by the FBI and Secret Service for a week. Apparently, the First Amendment only applies when expressing the intellectual position of those in power. Also, be cautious of the charities you contribute to. If you donate to Israeli causes, you may be considered a "domestic terrorist" by the Obama Administration.

William Hodges
John & Roxanna, sincerely. I made critical statements regarding the Obama Administration. Someone reported me.

William Hodges
Lisa, remember the last evening I was online? I was in the middle of posting news articles when I was booted off of Facebook. In less than twelve hours, the FBI and Secret Service was knocking on my door. It was surreal.


cincin21 said...

Wow Al .... I do NOT like seeing this ... I'm probably next!! Good luck and blessings to William!!

Kevin said...

Why am I not surprised to see this happen. I can go to certain sites and you still are reading hateful things being said about George Bush, Sarah Palin and even Ronald Reagan yet the government isn't harrassing those people. This is kind of like Nixon and his enemies list except that with Obama, his list contains everyone in America who does not agree with him and his way of thinking.

I'm still waiting on Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano to come knocking on my door.

opit said...

Don't be so sure it's just the Obama administration. The FBI has a history of harassing people as an institution. It's been an open secret that websites can disappear for unaccountable reasons - mine did - and that this is not new. Contributing to Israel should be good for 'Nothing going on here,move on,folks' because of the Israel lobby being such a financial reality to political campaigns.Now if it had been Hamas or an Iranian charity...I leave it to your imagination.
'Hateful' is, in fact' politically correct if you hate the right people. The U.S. customarily says those it wants to harass are 'enemies' : regardless of whether or not they do,have done,or might menace the US with any effectiveness.
One of my old 'reads' was a novel by naturalist Farley Mowat who derisively accounted his experience at being turned away from the U.S. as a security risk because he had 'issued a threat against the U.S. military'. This was decades ago, mind. He said he threatened to shoot down a SAC bomber loaded with nukes with his bird shotgun if it were to fly overhead. Mowat had been military intelligence. He knew very well the chances of doing damage was nil : especially since the charge couldn't come within miles of any bomber.
Didn't matter. All that counted was that he sounded disapproving.
I'm at

pamela M said...

That is ridiculous...but just incase.... let us know if we need to come bail you out!

pamela m said...
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doug w said...

Careful may be next !!!!! We can all get investigated since we all think thet he his an idiot and asshole!!!!!

jack h said...

Al, when was the law passed that allowed the FBI and secret service to interview and threaten Americans. As I see it, at least according to the law, those that interviewed him should be sitting in a jail cell right now. They are NOT allowed to commit crimes against the people just because they are from the government - they ARE subject to the same laws we are.

I have suspected for a long time, as a regular poster on facebook, that the Obamination has close ties there. They seem to work together to eliminate Americans 1st Amendment rights to free speech. A group that endorsed drawing pictures of Mohammed, which seems to make Muslims insane with rage, was eliminated. Yet a group entitled "F_ck Israel and Kill All the Jews" we can not get FB to eliminate. So being haters of the Jews and Israel seems to be a trait of Obama, Muslims and FB. Jack