Friday, June 25, 2010

Two stories this week with conflicting Whitehouse messages

Two stories this week with conflicting Whitehouse messages
Al Ritter

The first story is the oil spill that will never end. In Sept 2009 TransOcean was given permission to drill in the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana. The first request made by BP was to drill in 500ft of water and was approved by the state of Louisiana, but the request was denied in its final form by the Federal Government, they told BP the drilling had to be in 5000ft of water regardless of the fact that no oil spill had ever been worked on in 5000ft of water.

Later this week a Federal judge ruled that President Obama’s 6 month moratorium on drilling on only certain oil rigs was unfounded according to the experts he consulted about the leak. Not one of the experts suggested he shut down all drilling. Robert Gibbs told reporters after the federal case that …. “President Barack Obama believes strongly that drilling at such depths does not make sense and puts the safety of workers "at a danger that the president does not believe we can afford."

Now if this is in fact true, why was it that the federal government told BP they had to drill in deeper water? Another troubling question is why did the federal government agency,Export-Import Bank give 2 billion to Petrobra, a Brazillian oil drilling company to do basically the same thing BP did but in 3 times deeper water?

The second story has to do with another Federal Judge who ruled on Tuesday that it will now be illegal to donate any money to a terrorist organization, even if labeled as “humanitarian aid”. Since 2006 Hamas has been on the official State Department Terrorist Organization List. Shortly after his inauguration, Barack Obama showed his intention of backing this group that had been previously funded by Saudi Arabia and Iran, by promising $900 million to Hamas for “reconstruction”. Recently he added to that total by another $400 million.

Nothing has changed in the political climate with these terrorists, and yet this administration continues to support them. If the definition of treason includes giving comfort and aid to the enemy, President Barack Obama has filled both requirements, and I for one want to know when he will be charged.,2933,499068,00.html

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The Administration seems to contradict itself a lot lately!