Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Political Equality in Baltimore County Zoning Laws?

Political Equality in Baltimore County Zoning Laws?
Al Ritter

Baltimore County and patriot Steve Kolbe are still at odds over the enforcement of an“alleged” Baltimore County violation to force Mr. Kolbe to remove a 4 foot by 8 foot Ehrlich for Governor lawn sign. Mr. Kolbe received a citation exactly one week to the day from the sign’s installation, and he was required to remove it one week from the date of notice, or face a $200 a day fine. Mr. Kolbe complied with the order, but has chosen to proceed in court citing his right to express his freedom of speech.

Fast forward to yesterday; when this reporter spotted a similar size sign in a residential area of Baltimore County. The sign this time is for Kevin Kamenetz, a Democratic candidate for Baltimore County Executive. Surely Mr. Kamenetz had read about the stir caused by the Ehrlich sign on Mr. Kolbe’s property, one would have to live under a rock not to have heard about it, by all the media attention that was given to the issue. The property this sign rests on is in the road easement in front of the development “West Padonia,” from developer Tom Brooks, the actual address is 941 West Padonia Rd.

Even with my basic grasp of math, the 4 foot by 8 foot sign equates to 32 square feet, the same exact size of the sign that Mr. Kolbe had to remove from his property last month.

A bigger question now will be; will this sign be allowed to stand without citation from Baltimore County Zoning, or will the owner of this property be given the same time to remove it or face fines equal to Mr. Kolbe’s ?


barb p said...

Very good question...there are several signs 'in question' throughout Baltimore County...will be interesting to see.

pamela m said...

Well, I guess my Ehrlich sign isn't going to go up now??????

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