Friday, June 4, 2010

The Last Mile

The Last Mile
Kevin Bryant

I can’t recall a sitting president ever knowing that in only a year in office that he was going to be a one term president and a lame duck president during his last 2 years in office. I do believe that President Obama and the democrat leadership in congress have already figured it out.

Obama came strolling into office riding one of the highest waves in modern political history. He had to have had the impression that he was going to be in office for 8 years and with ease, he would be able to walk any piece of legislation through congress without so much as a minor hiccup. In less than 11 months in office, and with the Christmas Eve passage of healthcare reform, reality set in and he realized that his 2 year in office would be his last mile he would walk as president without barriers, insurmountable obstructions and congressional leadership clearing a path for him.

In 16 months he has gone from a job satisfaction rating of high 60’s to low 40’s. He repeatedly has forsaken the will of the people with almost every piece of legislation passed and executive order signed. He has made the phrase “The Chicago Way” a common household term in ways Sean Connery could never do in the movie “Untouchables”.

Now that he and his cabinet know they are on their last mile of having direct influence in congress, they have resorted to the tactic of overloading the system. Think of all the things congress (with the backing of the White House) is demanding to be finished before the New Year: Immigration Reform, Financial Reform, Cap & Trade (American Power Act), Stimulus III, Weapons Reduction Treaty, Net Neutrality Act, etc…….

Now add in the effects from the BP oil spill, lowering popularity, losing special elections (something the democrats never experienced during Bush’s last two years in office), global finance crisis and his own increasing burdens on the U.S. economy, the Sestak scandal, Americans increasingly becoming more knowledgeable to the political ways and now holding Obama accountable and not allowing him to pass the buck off on the Bush administration. He has resorted to stepping up his personal attacks on those who do not agree and support him. Many times he is doing the attacking himself instead of going through minions like he was last year.

It has been amusing these past couple of months watching Obama squirm a little more with each passing week. It’s comical watching Pelosi and Reid resort to telling more far reaching and improbable lies to the American people to try to push their radical socialist, nanny state policies.

Adolf Hitler once said, “Tell a lie, make it a big lie, repeat if often and people will believe it”. Obama and the democratic leadership tried this and now it is coming back to haunt them for the American people are no longer believing them, believing in them and have quit buying the hype they have been selling the public.

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Anonymous said...

I think the passage of the healthcare reform was the point of no return for Obama, this sealed the deal on him becoming a one term president!