Monday, November 1, 2010

Maryland, the ultimate blue state

Maryland, the ultimate blue state
Al Ritter

For many democratic candidates a visit from President Obama would be the kiss of death, but to Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, his fund raising visit was welcomed. In Maryland President Obama’s approval rating is unbelievably still over 60%! In Maryland the democrats have enjoyed a one party rule in the legislature since 1959. They have molded this state in every aspect to prevent any resurgence of bipartisan governance.

Maryland is worse than many states that have been declared “blue.” Democrats outnumber republicans 2 to 1 in the state that resides in the top 4 states in the country “least conducive to business.” Personal freedoms are judged on many different issues, and Maryland ranks as one of the worst 2 states on the personal freedoms debate.

When a state is dominated by such partisanship, the result is one of a dictatorial nature. Bills don’t get discussed, options for compromise never get weighed, and the single party views the minority party as merely a speed bump in their fast track to law. Voting districts in Maryland have been designed and purposely setup for Republican failure. The minimum ratio in each district is 2 to 1 with some well- guarded areas reaching up to a 5 to 1 ratio.

I have grown up in Maryland I love the diversity of the landscape, the ability to visit neighboring states in just an hour drive time. I love the mountains and the beaches, and the close bonds I have with family and friends, but I am rapidly growing tired of watching democratic politicians destroy the nature of MY state. I will be actively looking at property out of state after this election, regardless of what happens nationally. Maryland will still be the ultimate blue state even if republicans win the house and senate. I have been very surprised at how many friends I have on Facebook that have told me about their own personal struggles in Maryland that forced them to vacate the state they lovingly referred to as “home.” I’m sure that I can find a state that represents more of an equal voter role than Maryland, but it pains me to abandon my state because of politics.


Kevin Bryant said...

My advice - Look towards Virginia.

QDT said...

Well stated My Friend!

Know exactly how you feel. Hang tough whereever you go and stay in touch.

barb p said...

Al, I so hate to read this. I want to tell you not to let 'them' do this to you, but I know what you say is so true and I do understand. I am sorry to hear this news...