Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Middle Class Beat-Down

Middle Class Beat-Down
Kevin Bryant

I would love to say that I could tie basis of this little rant of mine to a single party or a single administration but the truth of the matter is, the American middle class has been getting the shaft by every president and his administration since G.H.W. Bush. Before him, it was every president from Lyndon Johnson to Jimmy Carter. Take a further step back in time and we can trace getting the shaft from Teddy Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt with the only break coming in the two years Warren Harding was President.

What’s been done in the past is just that, the past. We can’t go back in time and fix all the wrongs of the previous administrations but we can certainly expose the wrongs of the current one.

The middle class is the forgotten class where tax revenue is concerned. The American middle class outnumbers the upper and lower combined. We may not pay as much as the upper in income tax but we certainly pay more in other taxes than the upper class in sales tax, gas tax, food tax, utility tax, road tax, license fees, and every other consumer based tax known to the American population.

The biggest lie coming out of Washington these days is “I’d support making the tax cuts permanent, I just want to know how the republicans are planning on paying for it”. You don’t pay for tax cuts. Obama and Hillary have the same mindset. When Bush cut taxes, her famous statement was “He’s stealing our money”. They don’t get it: IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

Ross Perot had it right when he said the government cannot continue to function if you don’t start treating it like a business. Businesses have to operate based on the amount of income they generate. If people buy less, that means they choose to save more or spend their hard earned money somewhere else. The American people should not have to support more spending on things they do not believe their tax dollars should be going to. It’s time to cut aid to all these foreign governments that hate us. It’s time to stop paying to maintain bases around the world and let the host nations pay for everything but the troops and the equipment they use. It’s time to reduce the size of government and scale back the federal worker’s wage scales to bring them in line with the private sector. My personal favorite personal idea and I have not heard this anywhere else, It’s time for the federal government to stop paying and funding expenses for those elected to serve in congress. The states that elected the should set their wages and have to approve all expenditures including health care and retirement plans. I wish the company I work for would allow me to set my own wages and benefits.

What is so hard about operating within a budget? Practically every household in America has a budget they work within. Those that fail go bankrupt as well as every business that is not owed something from a Washington insider for previous favors have to close their doors and go out of business if they overspend. And when you devalue the dollar Ben Bernanke, who gets hit the hardest? The middle class.

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barb p said...

This is sure true...we just don't seem to "get it"!!!!