Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad Priorities

Bad Priorities
Al Ritter

There is NO question that Democrats have very different priorities than Republicans. With that being said, the Constitution states that one of the primary roles of the president is to protect us from enemies from afar and at home.

The Constitution makes no such demands of funding social programs and yet half our budget is spent like this. In just 3 years, Barack Obama has increased the food stamp program to unheard of levels in America. So far Obama has approved not one single program for a cut, but listen to his words about what he’d rather cut than food stamps………it will leave you shaking your head, and feeling somewhat less secure!


barb p said...

How many times is he willing to show his "stupidity"? I really believed he would win another term...I'm not as sure anymore...keep it up BO (aren't his initials interesting), you are proving to the public why you need to go back to your home...where ever that may be.

turk182 said...