Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gov. Brewer Forced Into Recount of Author of SB 1070

Gov. Brewer Forced Into Recount of Author of SB 1070
Al Ritter

A recall count has normally been reserved for those despicable politicians who either broke the law or participated in a horrible breach of conduct after their election. Republican voters still view it that way, but times may be changing.

It seems now that disgruntled Democratic voters see a vote or a policy that is not to their liking as grounds for a recount. They view the vote itself as a horrible breach of conduct, and the trend is rapidly spiraling out of control.

Gov. Brewer ordered the vote to recall Republican Russell Pearce, the state senate's president and chief architect of Senate Bill 1070, after a citizen's group turned in enough valid signatures to force it (catch phrase here is “citizen’s group”…….aka Democrats.)

7700 signatures were required to force the recount, and 10,000 were received, forcing the first recount in Arizona’s history. Their fight will be an uphill battle as Russell Pearce has been elected 16 times to the Arizona legislature. He claims that the effort was headed by money and out of state staff to head off the bill deemed so unpopular by Democrats country-wide.

"We believe that Senator Pearce's agenda and behavior is too extreme for Arizona," the group “Citizens for a Better Arizona” said in a statement to Reuters late on Tuesday.

This latest attitude of Democrats mirrors the actions of their President……”If you don’t play by my rules, I’m taking my ball and going home.” They surely need to grow up!


Kevin Bryant said...

If I was the governor of Arizona, I would demand the state election board verify each and every signature before ordering the recall. I would declare each signature that coulld not be matched up to a voter regristration invalid.

barb p said...

Something is very wrong with this 'picture'...

Anonymous said...

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