Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lies, and Corruption, When Is Enough Enough?

Lies, and Corruption, When Is Enough Enough?
Al Ritter

Every day when I don’t think things or choices from our government can get much worse I am unpleasantly surprised. Bad choices seem to be the daily menu for this administration. Deceit, lies, and corruption seem to rule the day, and the law of the land is violated as easily as washing ones hands.

We have been lied to by our president on everything from job production to economic policy, to ending wars, to prosecution of criminals. The Obama Administration has turned conflict of interest into an art form. His collusion with unions’ borderlines on treason, and his stand with Acorn is clearly corruption.

I can remember NO time in the past, including the Carter Administration, where I so feared the direction of our country. Obama has done the American people as a whole a disservice. I also fear that he has tainted the candidate pool for black Americans running for office in the future. His arrogance and deceitful nature has without a doubt caused our once staunch allies to cast a guarded eye on our country.

To assume that all these actions are unrelated and unintentional shows the naiveté of holders of such thoughts. This has been a well- orchestrated agenda from the narcissistic leader of our country begging to be the leader of some new world order where only he knows his eventual role. Hope and Change is one thing, but systematic destruction of the country that our forefathers envisioned must not be tolerated.

If I had told you in 2007 that after such a short time after 9/11 that Muslims would be greeted with open arms in droves into our country, both illegal entry and legal, or that the Palestinian people would be on the verge of having their own state declared by the UN while they are still attacking Israel. If I had told you that our President would refuse to seal our borders against illegal entry but declare we are safer than we have ever been before. If I had told you that the Attorney general had been complicit in the death of a border agent because he illegally passed assault weapons over the border to drug cartel members to sway the American people into thinking that guns are bad and should be banned in the U.S. If I had told you that same Attorney General would pick and choose what laws to enforce and what laws to ignore. If I had told you that our president would act as the mouthpiece for organized labor and push forward every objective on the union’s collective table. If I had told you that one of the first things our new president would do is go on a world apology tour right after he was elected…………………would you have voted for him?

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