Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Mess We Made

The Mess We Made
Kevin Bryant

I know some of you out there are Romney supporters, some for Ron Paul and about as
many are for the other two, Gingrich & Santorum. Personally, I am not thrilled by any of them but all them are better than the current occupant of the white house.

It doesn’t matter which of these individuals get into the white house because they are all basically the same. None of them are real conservatives, not even Ron Paul. None are really strong on national defense. None are willing to fight the fight that it would take to truly secure the borders and despite all the hot air they have spewed, none is really wanting to actually reduce the number of people who currently work for the government or willing to bring those workers down to a level even with private sector workers.

Sure, they talk the talk but when have they ever walked the walk? Never,
according to their own records except Ron Paul and a snowball has better chance
of surviving a vacation in hell than he does of winning the white house.

Sadly, we ran off the best candidates. Sure, it is doubtful the best candidates would have been able to defeat Obama but not impossible. Of those that are out of the race, I would much rather see Huntsman, Perry, Cain or even Gary Johnson in the white house than any of the 4 remaining. Last go round, Huckabee would have been better than McCain or Romney but we ran him off. After Clinton beat Bush 41, who did we elect to run against him…….Bob Dole, nice man but a big government moderate at best.

No matter which gets elected, we can all rest assured that the best we can hope for out of these four is a president and an administration comparable to the likes of George H.W. Bush. The country wasn’t better off with Bush 41 in office than it was with Reagan, Eisenhower, or even Gerald Ford in office. Of course it also wasn’t as bad as when LBJ, Carter or Nixon were in office either.

Sadly, I didn’t even vote in the Missouri primary and this past week I didn’t caucus here either. Why does it matter? Republicans keep sending up moderates who they think can bring the country together but with every passing election, the left just keeps moving further left widening the gap.

How much further left are you willing to go? I’m sick and tired of having the choice of voting for a far left of center democrat or a republican willing to go betray conservative principals and move beyond center and into left territory to get watered down compromises that doesn’t do anything but slow down the left’s destruction of the constitution and self governance.

This election, like the last, I’ll vote for the lesser of two evils. 2016, republicans put up another fake conservative, I’ll be voting 3rd party and encouraging others to join me.


Anonymous said...

Then your vote will be wasted...sad.

barb p said...

Well...I do agree our candidates are not the cream of the crop,

but since they are our only choices, we have to find the one

that we feel can do the best job. Any are a better choice than

what we now have!

bud s said...