Friday, March 23, 2012

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Breaks New Ground

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Breaks New Ground
Al Ritter

Arpaio has done something that no other court in America has allowed so far. He has done an investigation based on evidence. Every court finding so far has declared that citizens in general even including servicemenhave “no standing” to even start an investigation. So there is NO confusion,these judges that make that decree have decided not to hear the case at all. Evidence pertaining to Obama’s eligibility has never been heard.

Arpaio was asked by a Tea Party group to investigate the Birth Certificate that Obama offered as evidence of his birth place. To be fair Arpaio has only investigated this piece of evidence because it was the only piece that Obama has personally offered. Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse embarked upon a 6 month investigation of the document and as the lead investigator told the media. “We started this investigation to prove the legitimacy of the birth certificate. Unfortunately after our investigation we can’t give that final declaration.”

The findings of the Cold Case Posse are simple yet definitive.

The birth certificate was “generated” by a computer program and not scanned from an original. This proves what the “birthers” have declared for a longtime. For the first time the legitimacy of the President is in question is based on proof, not conjecture.

The $64,000 question now is what will be done about it? Will Arpaio actually
offer an arrest warrant for fraud? Will Arpaio request that Obama’s name be
removed from Arizona’s slate as the democratic nominee for President of the
United States in November?

Whatever the result is…….The Document Obama offered up as evidence of his citizenship has been declared a forgery. The next step has yet to be made.


barb p said...

I would love to believe something will be done but experience, unfortunately,

has taught me to be very doubtful! I don't understand the 'power' he has that

allows him to get away with all he has done in the past and continues to do!

louis l said...


Great summary. Let's hope Sheriff Joe succeeds....

bud s said...


Q.D.T. said...

Hallelujah! Would love to see the SOB impeached.

Anonymous said...

I wish Joe Arpaio was in charge of all federal prisons and ran them like his Tent City maybe the ills would stay home they love our prisons!