Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin
Kevin Bryant

My prayers go out to the Martin Family for the loss of their child.

Trayvon Martin – I am tired of hearing that name. It’s like a call for blacks to riot once again. We have school students in Florida protesting this shooting during school hours instead of the being in the classroom. Worst of all they are being lead by the school administrators and faculty. What a great example of our tax dollars hard at work. Just one more of a 1000 reasons why our education system has went from the best in the world to 30th since the federal government has gotten their grubby hands all in the education system.

George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon now has a $10,000 bounty on his head placed there by the same Black Panther party Eric Holder and Barack Obama refuse to prosecute for voter intimidation. He is now having to live in hiding, fearful for his life. Where is the President and the United States Attorney General? One is hiding under his desk and the other is out calling this a tragedy and pretending to be sympathetic to the family of Trayvon Martin.

Eric Holder is a prime example of wasted oxygen and wasted space. He’s so worthless we won’t even bother with him. This leaves us with the Hugo Chavez wannabee of North America, Barack Obama. Where is his condemnation of the Black Panther party? Where is his wasted words of civility? Where is the man who took an oath to protect and defend the constitution that is supposed to protect George Zimmerman?

Never mind the fact that Trayvon was in a gated community after dark where he did not live. It’s been reported that his father had a girlfriend who lived in this community and he was with her before this tragedy occurred. Why didn’t the girlfriend give him a ride home? If she lives in a gated community certainly she can afford the gas. Why did she not escort him to the gate? She knew there were community patrols out there watching for people who under any reasonable circumstance would not be in their neighborhood. She also knew of the break-in’s that had recently taken place in the area. Why is no one condemning her inactions?

Barack Obama stated if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. Really? Would your pretend son act like him too? I know I would be a proud
parent if my son acted like Trayvon did that night……NOT!!!!!

George Zimmerman spotted a man (kid – hard to tell in the dark) in his neighborhood while on a neighborhood watch patrol that everyone in the neighborhood knew was happening regularly. He calls 9-1-1 and follows Trayvon. The dispatcher tells Mr. Zimmerman to stop following the “subject”. Now, if it were me, I too would continue following the ‘subject” until they were clear of my neighborhood. Mr. Zimmerman attempted to do this according to the police report, but he lost sight of Trayvon. Mr. Zimmerman states he exited his vehicle to do a quick search of the immediate area but does not see the “subject”. He attempts to return to his vehicle but is suddenly approached from behind by Trayvon Martin and is punched in the face, knocking him to the ground. Mr. Zimmerman states Trayvon continues to his him and repeatedly slams his head against the pavement (or cement).

After multiple attempts to stop the onslaught, Mr. Zimmerman finally pulls a pistol and shoots Trayvon in the chest. This is the statement Mr. Zimmerman made to the police. Multiple eye witnesses tell the police they witnessed Trayvon assaulting Mr. Zimmerman while he was yelling and pleading for help. The wounds sustained by Mr. Zimmerman were consistent with his description of the events.

It doesn’t matter that George Zimmerman is half Hispanic, most blacks refuse to call this anything other than a white man killing a black kid. Never mind that Trayvon was beating this man senseless, no- this was clearly murder according to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Hey Al and Jesse, if I remember correctly isn’t on the 10 commandments “Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor”. You may
not know the meaning but I am sure God does.

This is a tragedy. This is another example of a senseless death in America. Should George Zimmerman have followed this kid as aggressively as he did…….no. Should Trayvon have attacked his follower…..hell no. Does the President need to politicize this event….OH HELL NO.

A good President would use this moment to comfort those affected and unite those
following the events. A good President would condemn the actions of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others using this to divide America further by race. A Good President would direct his Attorney General to investigate and prosecute those in the Black Panther party who have threatened and placed a bounty on the life of an non-convicted American citizen.

All people want to do these days is blame someone for everything that goes wrong. So here, I am going to blame someone……. The girlfriend. Unless she is somehow incapable of at least driving or walking her boyfriend’s son out of a gated and patrolled community, I’m going to blame her. She REALLY should have known better than to allow this kid to walk out of there alone and unescorted. What’s her excuse?


barb p said...

Kevin really makes some good points!!! I think this situation has been handled very wrong!

Louis Lazarus said...

Good piece, Kevin. Well done!!!

Are you ready for "Two Separate Countries" yet? It's just a matter of time. We cannot get along with them. It's like oil and water. No matter how hard we try, it just isn't going to work

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barb g said...

EXCELLENT article!! I didn't know that the girlfriend of Martin's father lived in that gated community.