Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Patriots;

Dear Patriots;
William G Burmer 
 Having suffered some business and health problems the last few months I have taken myself off the list of pontificators of domestic and world events.   I read with interest those however  who have pressed on and  have concluding, even long ago,  that we are "preaching to the quire;" leaving what Rush Limbaugh  refers to as the "Low Information" reader, If there are any, in the dust.  
     If I lived now in the days prior to and during the American Revolution,  given  present circumstances that face us as patriots of America, her ideals and traditions being threatened as they are, I picture myself defending my country, not with words only but,  with the sword of righteousness.   My indignation for those who seek power over service to country and honoring their Oath of Office exceeds comprehension, or my limits of tolerance.
     Talking to my friend Jim this past Saturday about the events of our day, he shared some profound insight with regard to the adversity we face in the world today.  Solutions are not easy nor  are some acceptable  juxtaposed against human nature  being what it is and the reality of our times.  In essence,  Said he, we need to "be grateful  for what we know,  be true to our Faith in God and share it, and to encourage others about us to do the same." 
     We must of necessity leave the rest to our Lord and Savior to sort out, and know this, He is  sifting those who would follow after him, the" wheat,"  from those who are following after Satan, the "Chaff".   It is left to each of us of all faiths, in the interim, to do our very best to improve the moral fabric of our communities , our nations, and the world, to protect our religious freedoms. This will best be accomplished within our own homes, families and communities. 
     We all share equally a love and appreciation for Our Constitution and about those  efforts currently underway  to diminish it, the Bill of Rights' guaranteeing our freedom of religion,  and  our ability to defend ourselves against tyranny in Government.   It is all important that we share our concerns with those elected to serve with as much force as possible, to be relentless in our quest for redress and real justice, and to support those organizations which would help in our quest to support  the  moral fabric of our society amongst all people, and especially in Government. 
     Perhaps even such efforts might strike a chord with even those "low information" voters and readers to do more.  God Knows, after all we can do we must exercise our faith He will in the end, prevail.    


Kevin Bryant said...

I share your sentiments and pray for a speedy recovery for both your health and your business. KEEP THE FAITH.

barb p said...

I hope we can love long enough to see our country become a God fearing/loving Nation again!

republican patriot said...

My personal wishes for your recovery

Ron said...

I'll miss reading your words of wisdom. Hopefully you'll choose to drop by and let us into your world of political revelation and we'll get to see your valued views.

The best to you and healthy success is waiting.