Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The REAL Zombie Apocalypse

The REAL Zombie Apocalypse
Kevin Bryant

I learned today there is a real Kansas Zombie Militia, formed by concerned individuals about an inevitable (according to them) coming Zombie Apocalypse. One of their beliefs is the apocalypse will be caused by the accidental release of some bio-engineered germ or something. What they have yet to realize is there is a small but growing zombie like apocalypse happening right now.

Every two years most states do their best to send to Washington those whom they feel will best represent them and their state. Each passing year we bear witness to the conversion of those we send to Washington from normal caring individuals who want what is best for their state and our nation as a whole. Each year we watch as many of these public servants convert to a zombie like mentality. Instead of putting the welfare of their states and the nation at the forefront of their thoughts, their brains turn to mush and they enter a zombie like state craving “more government….. more taxes …… more government….. more taxes…..”. This mentality being their only thought and the center of their vocalized speech.

535 members of congress. This so called “fiscal cliff” bill that was passed was anything but relief for the majority of Americans. All the bill did was slightly reduce the “more government….. more taxes…..” mantra but still managed to stick it to every American. Out of the 535 members of congress, about 370 (roughly 70%) of them have succumb to the Washington Zombie Virus or probably better known as the "beltway bug". They tell us they did it to save the middle class……..phooey!!!!!! All they did was allow the middle class to die a slightly slower death. They killed the “tax holiday” which will hit me personally for between $1200 - $1300 more in taxes to go along with all the inflated prices we pay every day for gas, groceries, home repair, auto upkeep, state taxes, county taxes, sales tax, user fees, utilities, home and auto insurance and every other facet of our lives. Add that to Obamacare which already jacked my health insurance cost up roughly 10%. Then add all the other hidden Obamacare taxes which about 12 of the 21 new taxes will hit the middle class in some form or another. All in all, these taxes are not to help reduce our debt or even balance the budget. They are strictly for more government programs and more workers to oversee the operations of those programs.

Obama laid claim to reducing the tax burden of the middle class 17 times during his first term. What we gained in the holiday tax is all I personally saw in the way of tax reductions. I surely didn’t see any gain from those 16 others that he bragged about. Yet whatever I gained from that was absorbed in the rising cost of everything else. With each of the past 3 years, I saw my pay checks grow, the amounts of goods I purchased reduced each year due to rising costs and my savings accounts slowly shrinking.

Obama and the big government zombies in Washington are growing the government and growing the amount of people dependent upon government programs. They are doing it by reducing the middle class. What is considered the “middle class” today is the smallest percentage of the population in over 40 years. At this rate, the percentage of the population in the American middle class will be less than 30% of the population of the United States. Included I the prayers I say every night is a request to God to please shine his light and wisdom upon those that we elected to govern and please kill the virus that causes those we elect to turn into Washington big government zombies. 

PERSONAL NOTE, I will be reducing the number of opinions I write for this site. I have begun to feel I am more useful taking the conservative message directly to the liberals rather than writing for those who don’t always agree with me but who do share many common ideas. With the addition of Ron Boat, there are now 4 other writers here, all of which are FAR much better than I. I have already been suspended from posting on Yahoo for a week and the Washington Times website as well for almost two weeks. What I have discovered by purposely banging heads and seeking confrontation with liberals is almost everyone of them when cornered by truth resort to personal attacks and I don’t turn the other cheek, hence the suspensions. You haven’t gotten rid of me, but on the bright side at least you won’t be putting up with me quite as much. KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!

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