Monday, January 28, 2013

There is No Winning, Only Degrees of Losing

There is No Winning, Only Degrees of Losing
Al Ritter
Gun Control means a lot of things to a lot of people, as does the second amendment.
To Barack Obama the second amendment only presents itself as a speed bump to his final “adjustment” to conservative America to get his desired end.
First you need to actually respect the Constitution to try to make a legal amendment to it. Secondly you need a 2/3rd majority in BOTH the house and senate to repeal the second amendment. And thirdly you need to have ¾ of the states ratify it. We all know even Obama can’t make that happen, but what is more important is that Obama doesn’t care, nor does he intend to take that route.
This is what will happen…….first he intends to get every liberal governor to pass some of the strictest guns laws this country has ever seen into law. That is being done as we speak, then he intends to “occupy” America with a potential federal assault weapons ban introduced by Diane Feinstein….that will fail to pass the house in the form she intended it, but that makes no difference.
He intends to do what he does best……..he will stifle the gun industry with regulations, taxes and rules much in the way he has done in the past with the EPA. Secondly he has already started his media blitz with talking points and scheduled interviews with “experts” to sway public opinion. We already know he can do that and so does he.
Let’s say we defeat any such bill that Congress can muster to dilute the second amendment………do you think it will end there? Of course it won’t!.........Did senseless massacres end after the last assault weapons ban..? Tragically the main reason for these acts has never been addressed nor will it ever be, because America won’t admit it has a mental illness problem. Instead here is what Obama will do the next time a massacre happens.
First off IF we happen to defeat an assault weapon ban, after the next attack (and we know it will happen,) he will claim that the Democratic Party tried their best to prevent the next attack, but the Tea Party Republicans mounted a successful campaign through the lobbyists for the NRA to keep this from happening.
Now IF the liberals succeed in passing ANY kind of legislation against assault weapons the press conference will be must different. Obama will say that they passed the most comprehensive assault weapons ban in history, but much more work needs to be done to assure farther safety for our children, and then an all out atll hove ALL weapons from us.
No matter what happens in the gun debate the Constitutional supporters will come out on the short end of the stick……..I hate to be a fatalist but we have had 4 years of this President and we can now see how he operates…….does anyone doubt me?.......Prove me wrong!


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Kevin Bryant said...

Sadly, your comments are correct, Obama hates the constitution and it's limitation of powers. I would estimate over 40% of those that support Obama do so blindly. They believe everything and question nothing and would rally to support any cause he proposes. I read this 3 times and the only way that what you predict can be lessened is a.) MAYBE 10 governors will push and get massive state gun restrictions with only Hawaii, Washington and California coming from west of the Mississippi river. New York already has passed it, then you have MA, VT, CT, RI & DE that are very likely to follow. There is no Governor in the south, southwest, mid-west or rocky mountain region who would be dumb enough to try it nor would there be support from the people. What I don't know is how much of the gun producing labor force here in America are union. If it is even 40%, I don't think even he would cut their throats and kill their jobs. If it's 30% or less, all bets are off

barb p said...

Al you can't be proven wrong when you are right!!! Wonder when a "new" Constitution will be written....