Monday, January 7, 2013

Obama Voters Are Upset With New Payroll Taxes

Obama Voters Are Upset With New Payroll Taxes
Al Ritter 

The arrogance of the left knows no bounds, they seem to be surprised and angry at tax increases they voted for! I suppose they thought that Obama would just single out the bible bangers and gun lovers and tax them at a higher rate than the rest of the Democratic voters.
It seems hilarious to me that the denial of the left totally overrides any sense of logic. Did they somehow believe that the 1% could make up the spending deficit? They were told that passing the tax on the rich would only fund the federal government for 8 days and yet they somehow ignored that fact from the CBO.
They have blindly ignored any and all FACTS and voted to continue the failed policies of Barack Obama. They criticized the Bush tax cuts, and cheered for higher tax rates on the “wealthy” even though the Administration kept moving the goal posts on the definition of wealth.
Because Obama couldn’t cover his massive spending problem, he lowered the bar on income and now the middle-class Obama voters are beginning to see the hypocrisy of the man they voted for.
This week Obama reportedly told John Boehner, that America doesn’t have a spending problem. I am curious to ask President Obama what kind of problem do we have?


barb p said...

Well Al...I guess Karma is giving a good ass-kicking to those
blind lovers of Obama. I only feel bad for the people who tried to
show those gullible idiots what was happening to them!! Now the Country
is STILL paying dearly! Oh that's right...we don't have a spending problem!

bud s said...


Kevin Bryant said...

I just wish the bottom 49% of wage earners paid taxes. They need to have some skin in the game say 2% - 5% flat tax rate. At the same time, eliminate taxes on the first $20,000 on ALL social security benefits and military pensions.