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The biggest threat to the national security of our country: Mark Zuckerberg


The biggest threat to the national security of our country: Mark Zuckerberg

Al Ritter 

He came into our life in 2010 under the guise of offering you the opportunity of reuniting with old friends and also a way to share pictures of family etc. Little did we know of his dark intentions back then. 

Things we didn’t really know about him: 

In 2003 while in Harvard studying computer sciences and psychology he created two programs, one was called “Coursematch” which helped students pick classes based on what past students had taken. Later that same year he created a program called “Facematch” which allowed the students to make choices between two pictures based on who was “hotter.” Zuckerberg not only used those pictures without the permission of the students in the pictures, but never got permission from the University to use their network switch systems. 

Harvard subsequently shut down his program, and Zuckerberg had to make a formal apology. Articles written in student paper claimed his actions were “totally improper.” The seed for improprieties had been planted, it would be the first time he violated the privacy of others but it wouldn’t be the last. 

The following semester in early 2004 he began writing code for a new website entitled “Thefacebook.” Just six days after its launch, three Harvard seniors accused Zuckerberg of intentionally misleading them into helping to build a site called while in fact he was building a competing product. The three complained to the University newspaper The Harvard Crimson. The paper started an investigation. 

Following the initial launch of the website the three seniors filed suit against Zuckerberg. The final settlement was for $20 million in cash and 1.2 million in Facebook shares. This was the first in many lost cases Zuckerberg would endure in the future due to lies, stealing ideas and privacy issues. 

Another law suit appeared by Eduardo Saverin as being a co-founder of Facebook. A settlement was reached out of court and the terms of settlement are sealed. More theft of content by young Zuckerberg. Much better to settle out of court rather than have your theft made public. 

Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year to complete his project. A few days after leaving Harvard he decided that Facebook wouldn’t be just a domestic product but a world-wide venture. After leaving Harvard he enlisted help to spread it to 8 more Universities. 

Zuckerberg joined forces with Dustin Moskovitz in 2004 and moved to Palto Alto California where they met Peter Thiel, his first investor. A few companies offered to buy Facebook but he turned them all down, siting from an interview from 2007 he said….. "It's not because of the amount of money. For me and my colleagues, the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. Having media corporations owned by conglomerates is just not an attractive idea to me." This statement is very ironic in light of today’s situation. 

In 2007 Facebook entered into a program called Beacon which was later discontinued in 2009 which user content was harvested on the outside and sold to Facebook. The service was discontinued due to a class action suit which resulted in termination from the project. 

In 2008 the New York Times pointed out that there is no real way to delete an account, as some information will always be retained by FB such as private messages and posts to groups. 

By 2010 Facebook had 500 million users and in Zuckerberg’s words had topped out on available advertising space per page. Later he would embark upon new projects to increase income to become the very conglomerate he so abhorred. 

Zuckerberg in 2010 started “hackathons” every 6 to 8 weeks to see what ingenious projects his employees could come up with. One of Zuckerberg’s peers referred to him as a hacker at heart claiming Zuckerberg once told him “it’s ok to break things to make them better.” 

It was reported that in 2010 that “Instant Personalization” was an inside pilot program of Facebooks’ allowing the selling of users data to Yelp, Pandora, and Microsoft Documents. 

In 2011 Facebook integrates facial recognition into all user profiles. It claims to be 98% accurate compared to the FBI’s 85%. It’s still active today and there is no setting or preference to remove it. It’s active on ALL photos not just the ones you are in, so understand that any group picture you place on Facebook can violate the privacy rights of non-users! 

In 2011 the Irish Protection Commissioner started an investigation after receiving 22 complaints by group “Europe-v-Facebook” in which they made access requests at Facebook Ireland of data per person and received back 1,200 pages of data that Facebook was holding on them in 57 categories. The group has claimed that FB has failed to supply them with additional categories of up to 84 data groups including facial recognition. After threats of banning FB from Ireland, FB gave in and changed policy there. As a side note “Facebook Ireland” was formed to AVOID TAXES IN America. 

In 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion, based on an IOS or Android system it allows people a picture sharing outlet. 

In 2012 Facebook shared its data with Cambridge Analytica through an app designed by Global Science Research to aid the Barack Obama Campaign. This marked the first time Big Tech appeared to endorse a candidate. There were no FaceBook “fact checkers” that refuted any claim by this campaign. 

In 2013 he announced he was on track to register 5 billion users world-wide and was pushing for more worldwide access to the internet to increase his share hold. 

In 2013 Facebook purchased a VPN Onavo based on IOS systems and used it to spy on other apps. Media outlets labeled it as spyware and by late 2018 had been discontinued. 

In 2013 it was exposed by Edward Snowden that Facebook and Big Tech giant Alphabet Inc (aka Google) were suppliers of data mining to a military program called Prism. Along with personal information stored from Facebook and Google, Facebook also allows sharing facial recognition technologies (not only about FB members but anyone whose picture you post) to the NSA. This alone is the scariest part of Facebook and Google! 

In 2013 he arrogantly stated in a post… The world economy is going through a massive transition right now. The knowledge economy is the future. By bringing everyone online, we'll not only improve billions of lives, but we'll also improve our own as we benefit from the ideas and productivity they contribute to the world. Giving everyone the opportunity to connect is the foundation for enabling the knowledge economy. It is not the only thing we need to do, but it's a fundamental and necessary step.” 

In late 2014 Zuckerberg tried to enter the market in China where Facebook is banned. Lu Wei the head of internet in China claimed that Facebook was a waste of time and refused to allow it. Facebook is banned in Iran, China, and Syria. 

In 2014 Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billion and is supposed an encrypted messaging system, the problem is they have never supplied documentation concerning their encryption. In an anti-trust suit against Google, it was revealed in court that Whatsapp allowed access to Google to private messages stored at Facebook. Hardly encrypted then is it? 

In 2016 Facebook instituted “Project Atlas” where they offered a market research program inviting teenagers 13 to age 35 to participate and let them use data mining on browsing history, web search, location history, and even personal messages. In turn the participants were offered $20 a month. This required the users to install a root certificate on their phone. As a result on January 30 2019 Apple temporarily revoked Facebook’s Enterprise Developer Program for one day virtually shutting down Facebook’s IOS connection systems. Apple stated that "Facebook has been using their membership to distribute a data-collecting app to consumers, which is a clear breach of their agreement with Apple" Shortly after Facebook discontinued the program. 

In 2017 Zuckerberg filed eight “quiet title and partition” lawsuits against 100’s of Hawaiians on the Island of Kauai. Encompassing 700 acres Zuckerberg later dropped the case when he discovered that Hawaiian property ownership law is very different than the 49 other states. 

In April 2018 he was required to testify before the Senate subcommittee on his abuse of privacy due to data sharing by the agreement between Cambridge Analytica and FaceBook. To this day Zuckerberg has refused to appear in front of a Parliamentary Committee in the UK to answer the same type of charges. 

In December 2018 it emerged that FB had been supplying Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Yahoo, and Spotify, and up to 150 third parties access to user’s private messages, address books, and private posts without their knowledge. 

Also in December of 2018 it was learned that when accessing Facebook from their app, your location will always be known by them even if your location setting on your device is turned off. Google has the very same access! 

In 2019 it was revealed that the company had enlisted contractors to create and obtain transcripts of users. 

In 2020 Zuckerberg was once again subpoenaed to appear before the senate commerce committee with other Big Tech giants to defend their censorship of individuals and their legal immunity according to section 230. 

In January 2019 laid plans to integrate an end to end encrypted system to be used in both IOS and Android devices, and tied to Facebook and Instagram, and Whatsapp 

In February 2019 it was learned that health apps owned by Facebook are shared with third party advertisers thus violating HIPPA restrictions. 

In 2020 FB saw the first appearance of “Fact Checkers” initially they were third party contractors but later hires were done through FB. The ones that they share background info on are all liberal supporters, some are even Chinese Nationals that support the liberal cause for money. 

Tax avoidance, FB uses a complicated system of shell organizations to avoid taxes through offshore accounts practically paying NO taxes here or abroad. For instance FB paid not one dime in 2012-2013 in the UK. 

In conclusion:

Mark Zuckerberg is a very intelligent young man. Sadly the lessons he learned early in life have enabled him to use the morality of “The ends always justifies the means.” What strikes me is his arrogance and narcissistic nature of constantly challenging the law and thumbing his nose at the Senate. His constant development of apps that violate privacy issues is troubling to say the least. He pushes until someone tells him no then he abandons that app and begins a new one to find yet another way into the back door. People who embrace these ideas in my opinion have no right to be participating in ANY government programs! Income from Facebook has topped out for Zuckerberg, but his two largest income producers after Facebook are Whatsapp and Instagram in that order. If you want to send him a message I’d suggest removing one or all of them from your life, after all we did without them in 2004. 

The way I see Big Tech is this…….they are all like a family….they fight like siblings among themselves, and even sue each other, but that’s like a chess game to them. When attacked together they act like one tight knit family and will fight you to the end! 

Remember one thing……..if the service costs you nothing……YOU are the product!



republican patriot said...

Watch the movie "Snowden" on mentions the program Prism program multiple times and how dangerous it is

Unknown said...

He definitely needs to be held accountable and need to shut all his companies down immediatley.