Monday, March 29, 2021

Soon, Nobody will Travel without Permission!


Soon, Nobody will Travel without Permission!

Al Ritter

Plans are being made as we speak to prevent travel in America. They are being made in secret because the Biden Administration, Dr. Fauci and the WHO are making inroads to limiting travel, not just in International travel but within America too!

In an effort to force “Trump supporters” to get the vaccine because they won’t be able to return to normal life without it and because Biden’s supporters have fallen into line so far, Biden, the WHO, and Fauci have enlisted the help from IBM to create a “digital pass system” to inflict on Americans.

Forget that over 30,000 illegal aliens have flooded our southern border without so much as a Covid test and being kept in Non-social distancing camps. VP Kamala Harris is not only silent in her new role as Immigrant Czar, but has so far refused to even address the Southern Border Crisis. Yes it IS a Crisis and one that President Trump had fixed after 4 short years. Joe Biden has certainly “Unfixed” it causing not only a massive illegal migration into this country, but a health crisis too!

Public health and ethics experts are guiding Biden to let private companies do the enforcement so it doesn’t look like it’s coming from the feds. Similar to how Democrats used tech companies to censor conservatives.

The future appears bleak for Americans that have chosen not to have the vaccine. What ever happened to “My choice, my body?”………Liberals?

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Turk 182 said...

We certainly need to fight this aggression and certainly yet ANOTHER violation of HIPPA!

Unknown said...

Is this still the United States of America? SMH

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... some Democrats want American citizens to have a Vaccine Passport to travel freely within the United States but not an ID to vote?!?

republican patriot said...

Yes they do! And no passport or ID to enter the country either!