Thursday, April 8, 2021

In Open Letter Scientists Demand Answers About Covid


In Open Letter Scientists Demand Answers About Covid

Al Ritter

In an open letter yesterday twenty 24 of some of the world’s most renown scientists want answers on the Covid Pandemic and they want them now!

These scientists call out the Chinese Government and the World Health Organization for inaccuracies in their initial reporting.

They accuse both organizations of refusing to research any other avenues of infection other than a zoonotic origin.

They express a need to be transparent and forth right, something the Chinese Government so far has not been!

They list many items of conjecture and in addition many items of contradiction.

They call for an international team of inspectors to review forensically the actual origin. Their main aim is not to point fingers but to understand the origin and how to circumvent another event like this in the future.

Read the 9 page letter here:


Anonymous said...

I want these answers too! Someone needs to be held responsible!

Unknown said...

Also want to know if any monetary transactions took place!