Monday, August 18, 2008

Irena Sendler

Does the name sound familiar? Probably not, but her deeds are VERY memorable. Her contribution to mankind was undeniable, and yet her recognition for those deeds were snubbed. Glen Beck, the lone voice of conservatism on CNN, gives a commentary on this incredible woman, and by the time the video is over I guarantee, your mouth will be hanging open!

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Anonymous said...

How very sad. She was a wonderful person and Al Gore is NOT!!! As I said, I did look her up in Google and was very impressed with this woman. What she did for so many children, and the parents of those children, giving them a chance to live and to be free. She truly touches my heart. Thanks so much for telling me about her. Maybe someone will make a movie about her so that more people can learn about being a humanitarian. We are all so involved in our 'own lives' that we often have very little regard for others. That is so heart breaking. I guess that either speaks to the times we are living in, or is it the reverse?